Shanghai Public Security Bureau responded police stumble and fall holding a baby woman

Shanghai ZA

xinhuashe· 2017-09-02 06:57:23

London September 1st news: according to police train - Shanghai, September 1, 2017 morning, Shanghai City Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch police brutality after the incident, the City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately involved in the investigation.

after investigation, in the morning at 10:30 pm, Songjiang Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police led the auxiliary police to carry out routine law enforcement on the regulation of illegal parking in the vicinity of nine Lulai Du Fang Lu, was a female owner of the illegally parked vexatious and pushing block. Police in the suppression of their entangled in the process, did not take into account the women's hands to embrace the safety of children, the woman fell to the ground, resulting in his arms children fall. After the incident, the police will soon send the children and women to the hospital, and the doctor will have a thorough examination of the skin of the arm and contusion of the soft tissue of the face and neck. At present, some people have been stopped police duties, police supervision department to investigate the handling.

" Shanghai City Public Security Bureau, the police in the event the parties to stop the unreasonable and violent law enforcement behavior is wrong. The police always adhere to the police strictly according to the law, always asked the police to adhere to a rational, peaceful, civilized norms of law enforcement. In view of this should not happen, will further strengthen the awareness of the rule of law throughout the police, standardize the whole police law enforcement behavior, and strive to enhance the overall ability to perform their duties and to serve the masses.

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