Fujian carrying 15 primary school bus fall bridge, 2 people were killed

Putian Fujian Z

nanfangdoushibao· 2017-09-02 06:57:25

scene of the incident. Nandu reporter just from Putian city of Fujian province Safety Supervision Bureau learned, Xianyou County of Putian City, a rural passenger car (license: Fujian BY1928) carrying 2 adults and 15 pupils, via Xianyou County Wei Zhen Shan bridge cover tail fall accidents, of which 2 adults have been confirmed dead, 15 pupils were sent to the Putian Hospital treatment.

in addition, the Nandu reporter learned from the Putian emergency center, has sent more than a dozen ambulances to the scene to participate in the rescue, the wounded are being sent to hospital. The hospital has received some of the wounded and is now verifying the names of some of the injured.

relevant departments have sent people to appease the families of the victims. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

report: Nandu reporter Shen Peng Wang Qi trainee reporter Mao Shujie

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