Lei Jun: who says cheap is no good? I want to change that

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Lei Jun: who says cheap, no good goods? I'm going to change this,

Lei Jun / millet founder, chairman and CEO Hong Yanhua finishing

said, "cheap, no good goods", is this really the case?

founder Lei Jun millet did not think so, he said, "it is not cheap" should not be considered one of the enterprises in the market promotion, advertising channels inside the layers increases how much money to spend, and should be regarded as a business how much money is spent on raw materials and manufacturing cost, how much money is spent on research and development. "

" I just put almost all of my money on the one or two model and sell it to a large amount, so that the cost of research is low for each product. Let me give you an example. Some of them spend ten million yuan on a mobile phone, one billion for a year and one hundred for the money. I hit one hundred million RMB directly and only made one. In fact, my investment in R & D is ten times that of single cell phone, but I only have 1/10 of the total R & D cost. When my product is sold ten times, the cost of our R & D is very low. That's why we can sell it so cheaply. "

8 31, millet founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun invited to participate in the Shanghai international business year speech, answer the question of millet low price. In his speech, Lei Jun introduced the development process of millet, millet and a detailed description of how to solve the "moving products" and "price be very honest and kind" and "the company can make money" the contradiction between "Muji we just need to do the world of science and technology, high quality, high value. High price. "

Lei Jun said," consumer upgrades are not selling things more and more expensive, but the same price can buy better products, enhance the well-being of everyone's life index. "

had, in August 18th, Lei Jun made such a micro-blog," this afternoon, to Henan, Luoyang, Yichuan, a town, and mobile phone store owner chatted for a while. She did not read the book, but when the village party secretary, the village people moved down from the mountains, but also served as deputies to the Municipal People's congress. Later opened a mobile phone shop, is the largest sales in the town, two daughters have gone to college. Last month, she was recommended to sell red rice, she did not expect to sell very well, the entire store sales rose a lot, especially happy. She didn't even think of it. I went to her store myself. "This micro-blog draws more than 20 thousand points," he said.

Lei Jun in the micro-blog review area added, "she did not millet publicity, let her daughter handwritten propaganda posters.". We soon began to go deep into the villages and towns to publicize the millet and let more people enjoy the new products of the price and kindness! "

Lei August 18th micro-blog and issued by the township mobile phone shop owner chat (Figure)

let everyone enjoy the new kind of domestic price is how to do? From Lei Jun's August 31st annual speech at the Shanghai international business conference, you'll find the answer: "

, everybody, this is my first annual business conference.". I believe most people are not unfamiliar with the brand of millet, but there are very few people who can really understand it. Why? Because millet is a new brand in the transformation and upgrading of China's consumer economy.

millet was founded in 2010, the establishment of a very short time. We want to solve the problem that the quality of Chinese products is not good, the design is bad, the selling is expensive and the selling is not moving. I've been working on the Internet before, so I wonder what would happen if you use the Internet instead of the traditional manufacturing industry to solve the problems of Chinese manufacturing

Internet thinking inside the most critical two points: the first is the user experience, and the second is efficiency. I would like to use these two points, with a group of Internet users to do business, to do manufacturing. We used the Internet thinking to cut into the most competitive areas - the mobile phone industry. A few years ago, there were three or four hundred mobile phone manufacturers in China, and now it is estimated that only two and thirty are left.

we are at the end of 2011 officially entered the mobile phone market, a small company with a dozen people, had spent two and a half years defeated all opponents became the first Chinese, just five years annual income of more than $ten billion, have to say is a miracle. Even today, I think of what happened more than six years ago, and I feel weird. This fully demonstrates the power of the Internet thinking.

I told my colleagues, the user is not buying your advertising, your store, your channels, nor is it to buy your promotion, buy products. Products are always the most critical, so the core technological innovation is the most important basis for survival of millet.

what innovations have we made? An example is the full screen last year, accounting for up to 91.3% screen. After the release of mobile phones detonated the world's mobile technology circles, comprehensive screen has become the key word of this year's mobile phone industry. It is said that Apple's next generation of mobile phones is also a full screen mobile phone. Millet can walk in front of the industry as a whole, from the continued core technology input, only screen aspect, we won 102 patents.

MIX IDEA (the United States won the following millet Industrial Design Excellence Awards) award, with a full screen design of the National Design Museum in Finland, this is Finland's first national design museum collection of Chinese products, is also the first museum the modern intelligent mobile phone. Another example of


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