8 year old love, 9 years old champion, but now can only play network drama

Canada brave love Nicky Wu love at first sight

xinyang· 2017-09-02 10:24:14

extra! No.! "Shoot out than net red good-looking 100 times of girl portrait" voting hot in progress, everybody continues! Dig me out.

here is today's text: Recently, network drama in particular, and found a "treasure statue, you come and get me", is about immortals to become high school students, with two Mushroom cool feelings involved in the story, but there is no sense of drama, the female two good pure!

girl named Miki, is Jia Nailiang's artist, born 00 years in Canada, the mother is half German, father is Japanese, usually Mestizo looks are not poor Miki, the United States also grew up.

" to find the right angle and point like Brigitte Lin.

" in addition to the United States is still very powerful, 9 years old children's participation in the competition, won the national championship, known as the "angel of canada".

, later published song "brave love", is the fire across the river and North and south.

and the song has a little story. She sings with a boy named Zhang Muyi who has been in hot pursuit for 12 years.

" at the age of Miki8, mother asked Zhang Muyi to do her music teacher, Miki Zhang Muyi at first sight, (just watching Dora A dream is not to face the wall! Throw ~)

, so they are 12 years old, open love.

" but Zhang Mu Yi was 13 years older than Miki, so many people on the Internet to reprimand him, said he was "pedophilia" and so on, condemning constantly.

", fortunately, the two were not affected by the outside world, has always looked very affectionate.

" is still the same hobby, also in the same company.

and Miki also made a vow, said that after growing up and marrying Zhang Muyi, (is not nearly good!) So although not in the blessing of the walk, but fortunately there is a good ending.

" in fact, many boys than girls aged There are plenty of people who is 16 years older than Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu.

", Aaron Kwok, such as yuan, 23 years old, they are still blessed by everyone.

Miki and so Zhang Muyi was not condemned, presumably because Miki was a child, now Miki grow slowly, also have their own independent thinking, if you can walk, I believe that will let all people envy.

" after all how much in life started to meet her prince charming. Of course, not to encourage people to love, the best is the ability to judge and then go to the choice of emotion, I wish Zan baby meet early own Mr right and go.

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