The mother daughter hacked to find a suspected Dutch act because of her poor boyfriend

The child committed suicide and died in Jilin

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The tiger does not eat

a mother to her daughter was under the pain killer

for her daughter to find a

family condition bad boyfriend? "

8 31 July, Yongji County, a town in Jilin province Jilin City wasteland Village a social tragedy, a mother and daughter died at home.

a pair of mother and daughter died in the home

the night of the same day, WeChat announced that the public platform, this is the cause of the 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend love mother was strongly opposed, arguing, mother angry irrational, his daughter with a knife stabbed, bleed to death, then the mother Dutch act.

the two daughters of the Chinese Communist Party in the dead family were killed and their eldest daughter was married and married. The

platform released two photos, you can see a police car parked on a farm yard, several staff members are busy, the police were at the scene investigation, around the warning.

9 1 on the morning of the morning, the reporter after more than two hours drive, traveled to find the scene of the incident. Many residents in the neighborhood have heard about it and feel sorry for the family.

that house has just been built, and it is considered to be a more impressive house in the village. It is a kindergarten, but it seems the procedures did not run down, it has not formed. A

follow the guidance of the villagers, the reporter saw the site of the incident is a red tiles and white walls of the cottage.

scene appalling,

, according to a nearby resident said, someone resident households do have two daughters, the eldest daughter has married, married, and have children. The 17 year old daughter, surnamed sun, after graduating from junior high school, often with sister to Changchun city or work in Jilin city. Not knowing much about her, she didn't go home very often.

at the time of the incident, the working outside, go home at noon, found the door locked, curtains, many times no one answered the door, feel strange.

might see blood, or see the horrors, immediately call the police.

district police station rushed to the scene, the door was opened, found that the mother and daughter have been killed.

, the scene was horrible, the girl's neck was almost cut off, and the head and trunk were connected with flesh.

the baby's mother was covered in blood and had a noticeable bruise on her head and wrist.

is the weapon of a knife home usually used to kill a chicken. According to the scene, it should be the mother killed her daughter and then committed suicide.

, the nearby residents said, after the incident, the head of the eldest daughter hurried home, when the door, because the police are exploring the scene can not enter, she knelt in front of the house crying loudly. The residents in the vicinity of

can not accept such a tragedy

died in the girl's mother is a very honest person, but for this little daughter and a little spoiled, haven't heard her scolding a child, she had killed his beloved daughter, and now I can't believe.

, a nearby villager said.

heard that because the child to find the object, may be the man's family condition is not good, the mother strongly opposed, there has been a contradiction.

and residents said that before the incident, some people see the mother and daughter go out when talking and laughing, so the tragedy occurred suddenly, many people are unable to accept this reality, otherwise even suspected murderers, but is just speculation.

because of the subject matter quarrel

reporter then visited to the old grandmother, his eyes red and swollen, depressed and said:

is indeed because of the children of the subject matter, the children put their students home, to object, but the child's mother does not agree, a fierce quarrel, did not expect to turn into this the tragedy.

for the specific incident, the old man said not quite clear.

the police have been involved and the case is under further investigation.

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