Holding the child. The police, in the United States will be shot?

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zhiguqushi· 2017-09-02 11:39:50

today, Shanghai traffic police enforcement "trip" holding baby lady event shuabing.

according to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Songjiang branch official micro-blog bulletin, September 1st Songjiang Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police led the auxiliary police to carry out remediation illegal parking in the vicinity of nine Lulai Du Fang Lu, was a female owner of the illegally parked police violence to obstruct, without considering its safety control in the hands of children's embrace of the woman in the process, resulting in women and the children fell to the ground. At present, the police have sent the woman and child to the hospital for medical examination. After the incident, the Songjiang police attach great importance to, some people were immediately stopped police duties, and police supervision departments to investigate.

, look at the attitude of the American police who are not qualified to cooperate with the questioning personnel!

"means to look at the law enforcement of Songjiang Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police said the woman assaulting a police officer, in the United States will be shot, you think China police are particularly delicate?" The media Zou Chao comments that the police refers to the sudden assault on police policing by means of violence. From the video, the woman just pushed a few, the urgency of the police did not use violence against each other, not to mention the woman's hand holding the baby. In the United States, the police will not treat unarmed women and children (or counter examples). If this happens in the United States, the victims will receive huge government compensation.


how can the police enforce the law when a child is present?

in Shanghai women's trip holding baby the police involved was suspended investigation "incident, Chinese legal scholars, the Long Island lawyer Kevin analysis in micro-blog issued a document, the enforcement of the parents in front of the children, may cause trauma to the child, leaving the shadow of life. Therefore, the United States Department of justice in those arrested, in order to protect the dignity of parents and children, the potential spirit to bring their children to the damage to a minimum, the police must follow the requirements to avoid the use of weapons:

(Avoid pointing a weapon to the children at a child; /p>

) < avoid the children across to the parents in handcuffs (Avoid cuffing the parents in front of their children;

) in the arrest of parents, to implement the sitter. (Ensure someone will look after the child once the parent is taken away)

" American police enforcement provisions so fine, contrary to many people believe the accident. Often, in the Chinese media, the news of the "XX American police shooting passers-by," causing protests (&hellip), "&hellip", and so forth, often comes from the Chinese public's impression of American police. When there is a clash between police and civilians in China, it is often remarked that "it will be killed in the United States long ago."." So, is that the case? In fact, the U.S. police for the suspect, there is a set of strict accordance with the law of the processing flow, "early to shoot" this kind of thing, the probability of occurrence is not high.

Gallup poll (October 2016) found that 76% of the American people said that the local police have high respect, 12 percentage points higher than the same period last year.

in any case, six or seven of Americans have high respect for the police. They seem to be quite different from what we see in the simplified Chinese media. Reports on the US police have focused on racial discrimination, inappropriate law enforcement and abuse.

however, the police have a high degree of satisfaction, is not to say that the American police have individual charm or the occupation accomplishment is high, but the United States has a set of perfect for police to restraint police related laws and regulations. In the

film and television drama, a hand holding officer card and one hand gun are often the standard of American police. When facing a suspect, there are not many guns, but they will definitely show their identity and identity first.

if the police in New York, if you want to check "suspect", one is to produce documents liangmingshenfen, two is to determine if the inventory of objects without any suspicion, is to give a card marked police name, job number, the reason was stopped questioning, channels and methods including complaints the police.

in the United States, the police issued a police officer on the suspect, followed by the implementation of the arrest. The degree of violence committed by police in enforcing the law is strictly regulated and process. Your rebellion is fierce and the police act more violently. But in any case, the limit of violence is to let the target stop resisting, execute the police's instructions, and prevent the target from shooting, causing casualties.

in some states of the provisions of the use of police force as an example, from low to high, the police can choose according to the behavior of the object by law enforcement force include:

< /p>

display (shouting "I am the police authority," he ordered, the suspect pulled out weapons or weapons, or even pull a gun to the suspect);

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