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tengxunshuma· 2017-09-02 12:43:46

Tencent digital (Tang Li Ou) has been ten years since the first Apple TV release, and it's been almost two years since Apple launched its new model last time. In this article, we'll tell you about our expectations for the fifth generation Apple TV, which should debut in the fall. The following is the latest information on Apple TV 5.

where is it now? Since the release of

although Apple provides some great software updates (such as Hello, TV and APP), since its competitors compete in comScore Connected but Home survey released in April, Apple TV penetration is now in the United States Roku, Fire TV and Google Chromecast after the Amazon, the market ranked fourth. The findings of the same survey, conducted by Parks Associates, another investigative agency, were the same in August.

" may be derived from two aspects.

first of all, Apple TV is still the most expensive TV set-top box on the market. For example, the entry-level Apple TV (32GB) to $150 (about 1000 yuan) is now the most expensive market Roku player also costs $20 (about 140 yuan), than is currently selling Fire TV costs $60 (about 400 yuan), while the Google Chromecast top of the more expensive equipment 80 dollars (about 540 yuan).

second reasons. Even though Apple TV offers a good price, Apple TV lacks the most important functions of other new set-top boxes: support for 4K. What else is the reason? Apple TV still does not provide access to Amazon video, which is meaningless because you can still access the service through iOS.

, and what is the next step?

fifth generation Apple TV basically confirms that 4K and HDR content will be supported. Apple also confirmed that Amazon video will land on Apple TV later this year.

unfortunately, in addition, for the next Apple TV, few people still expect a surprise, even though we can expect hardware updates. As I have mentioned two times in recent months, for Apple TV, there are two things besides 4K, including highlights,

design changes, and custom features. A series of interfaces that are made up of application icons may continue to run on iPhone and iPad, but Apple TV does not need that. Despite some improvements, the Apple TV interface is still a proxy for the chaos. In 2017, apple needed to rethink the Apple TV interface, making it easier for users to customize. Consider changing the background images based on the changes in the day's time, and our favorite applications can be accessed easily on the interface. If the application does not disappear, does it show at least a little bit of content on the screen?

entertainment and games. Apple TV is for entertainment and gaming devices. But not everyone buys these two purposes. Perhaps there are two main screens now, one for entertainment and the other for games.

is also important: the Apple Corp really needs to lower the price of Apple TV. In the entry-level models, more than 100 U. S. dollars (about 670 yuan) of anything, it does not seem to have much significance.

" the biggest wish of

later in the year, Amazon will add videos to Apple TV is facing a step in the right direction, compared with the Apple Corp to buy Netflix, which is somewhat feeble. Bringing the video streaming service pioneer to Apple TV will be a change in the rules of the game. In addition, enabling Netflix to gain unique experience on the Apple TV will ensure more sales of apple devices.

release date

Apple will be released in September 12th this year (Tuesday) held in the fall conference, the fifth generation Apple TV.

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