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robot cluster against the Islamic state of

in recent years, after the formation of the Russian sports, science and technology, even even even began to form a UAV, robot technology and tactics, triggered international military circles once again the focus of military robots. By the end of 2015, the Russian troops deployed robots into Syria to participate in the ground anti-terrorism operations, and a group of robots on the defeat of the Islamic state line of defense plays an indispensable role. The world's first battle droid cluster battle shocked the world, but also triggered a keen interest in the Russian new cutting-edge - the robot troops. This paper gives readers a detailed account of the new Russian robots cluster.

anti-terrorism battlefield, wonderful combat

2015, December, Syria, Lattakia Province, 745.5 strategic heights. The Islamic state occupied the heights, in high barrier, stick with the insurance, the Syrian army attack failed, suffered heavy casualties. In order to clear up this obstacle, the Russian Army decided to organize and use the battle robot cluster to carry out the assault and fight.

is a clear blue sky, with several Russian reconnaissance drones hovering over the high ground. In this regard, nearly 200 militants on the highland have long been common. What is different from the past is that the soldiers of the Syrian government troops around the hill are not as charged as they used to be, but quietly watching. It turned out that dozens of Russian officers and soldiers were carrying out pre war inspections of 10 combat droids.

is a service, the Russian military equipment into battle with a total of five categories: Six "-M platform" tracked fighting robot, four "word" (transliteration of "Argo"), a wheeled robot "pagoda" artillery group, the number of UAVs, a set of "Andromeda -D" command and control system. Combat droid clusters, drones and self-propelled guns were connected to the front command center, the Andromeda -D system, and received the charges directly from the Moscow national defense command center. In the Russian national defense command center, the unmanned cluster and combat robot cluster continuously return the battlefield situation information of the 745.5 heights, and automatically collect data and display them on the large screen. Each robot is responsible for a combat sector, each battle sector seamless integration of an overall battlefield situation map, real-time reflection of changes in the battlefield. Accordingly, the Russian commander with the overall situation, real-time combat command.

battle started. In the operator's "remote control", the robot began to cluster formation combat assault, rushed to the front of the Islamic state of 100 to 120 meters, came close reconnaissance by fire, followed by a 7.62 mm gun burst of camouflage targets, with suspicious targets behind the grenade launcher lob bunker. These free movements, fear of life and death, shooting accurate armor monster, so that Islamic state militants surprised. They cannot hide can not close, only the implementation of fire suppression. A burst of bullets, aroused in the battle droid armor spark, and "attract" the enemy heavy fire is the main task of the battle droid. The command center, through the signal battle robot's commander, quickly locked the enemy firepower precise position, and will be sent to the firepower unit coordinates -- the "pagoda" artillery group. Then, a precise artillery salvo, exposed fire destroyed.

"-M platform" robot with 745.1 high

the first disclosed by Israel, triggered international media discussion. Russian media generally praised the battle droids as a new type of weapon, comparable to the tanks in World War I, and the nuclear bombs in World War II, and are among the latest in the army. Russian military operations in the world's first cluster using combat robots, more epoch-making significance. From the perspective of the Russian troops into combat, combat should be sent to Syria, is a man machine mixed standard battle droid cluster company. So what kinds of robots did the Russians develop, and what about the performance? What robots have been made? How about the combat capability? The spectrum of

fast development, installing

2013, the Russian Defense Ministry set up the experimental research center of robot technology, the Russian military leadership and planning for robot R & D and production. At the same time, the establishment of military robot research laboratory in the major military enterprises, military traction competitive R & D series of military robot arms procurement requirements. Russian preferred selection to speed up the installation of military robots. At present, Russian robots are divided into three categories: battle droids, support robots, and robot command systems.

combat droid. Into combat are "-M platform" Crawler "code word" wheel, two. "-M platform" crawler robot combat, combat weight 0.8 tons, 1.6 meters long, 1.2 meters high; the crawler type walking mechanism, with six small diameter wheels, rubber track, independent suspension device, can be in the sand, snow, grass, mud and gravel and other complex ground walking and climbing 25 degrees, climbing 0.21 meters high; the body equipped with high-capacity lithium battery, continuous working four hours; weapon system for a 7.62 mm gun cartridge is installed below the collection bag, to prevent falling shells stuck motion device; four carry out the RPG-26 anti tank rocket launcher, the effective range of 250 meters, the vertical penetration thickness 500 mm; a coaxial photoelectric sighting device for gun left, robot vision system. In October 2015, the "platform -M" combat droid was equipped with the Marine Corps of the Russian Pacific Fleet for intelligence gathering and patrolling

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