Foreigners raped girls were canceled teaching to Beijing famous Division

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8 31 July, the Vancouver Sun reported that more than once with a minor student sex, is the Canadian province of British Columbia to cancel the qualification of teachers and former school teacher Robert • John • Robertson (Robert John Robertson), even to the Chinese, became a famous foreign teachers in Beijing private schools. In the school's alumni list, some of the star's children and family are also listed.

"Robertson. According to his account on the social networking site

this caused uproar in the education circle and the circle of parents.

when was he deprived of the teacher's qualifications by the Canadian education department? How did someone like

become a foreign teacher at a prestigious private school in Beijing?

, Red Star News, conducted an investigation and contacted the Canadian man named Robertson via email.

Beijing Huijia Private school issued a statement: during the period of school, Robertson has not received the immoral and illegal behavior to reflect the

star found in British Columbia, in 2016 the Ministry of education to cancel the qualification of teachers based on the social networking site LinkedIn

resume shows that from 2011 onwards, the name of Robert & bull; John • Robertson (Robert John Robertson) man work in Beijing Huijia Private School, has been teaching for 6 years. It shows that he teaches English, sports and other subjects in grades 7, 8, 9, and three, as well as coaches for girls, football, volleyball and softball.

"on Robertson's LinkedIn resume shows him in school according to the map of Huijia social networking accounts for this

, September 1st, Beijing Huijia Private school issued a statement on the official website, said it had" and I made inquiries, and the induction and in-service performance of the examination procedures check again. "The statement also said that" Robertson "during my work in the school, there is no student and his parents to teach, reflecting his violation of ethics or illegal behavior. "

said in a statement:" before the teacher since 2011 entry for the background investigation of Huijia, Huijia strict, he has been in accordance with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of foreign experts and regulations of exit and entry administration, provides all the legal proof of no criminal record, education certificate and teacher qualification certificate, and other China international school letter of recommendation for the legal work visa. The teacher has worked in China for many years and has a legal working visa all the time. In 2017, in our regular school teacher background survey, the Canadian police crime record of Robert John Robertson still showed that he had no criminal record. "

" Huijia School Official website issued a statement.

however, Star News in British Columbia Canada (B.C.) on the official website of the Ministry of Education found Robertson was disqualified as a teacher of the file. In February 2016, the British Columbia Ministry of education not only officially abolished all his teacher qualifications, and decided never to grant him any teacher qualifications. Robertson

"in British Columbia, Canada, decided to cancel the qualification of teachers and processing indefinitely without issuing qualification photograph: investigation of Robertson's British Columbia Ministry of Education

Canada British Columbia Ministry of education to restart it since 2006, but the formal treatment is February 2016 before the formal decision. Therefore, Robertson joined in 2011 should also hold Huijia, teacher qualifications. Three times the resignation of


1974 to 1976 years and students relations had two to

Beijing Huijia Private School statement also pointed out that Robertson "no crime, but in order to avoid personal events brought unnecessary trouble to the Huijia School, he had to resign my school. Our school has completed all the procedures for its departure. "

, this is not the first time Robertson has resigned.

"released by Robertson and students together the picture map according to its social networking accounts

according to the Ministry of education in British Columbia Canada Robertson teacher management department to cancel the qualification of teachers file statements, November 2005, Robertson once saw a student B him to the teacher the picture in the newspaper. The student was so shocked that she thought Robertson had been processed in the year (around 1976).

between 1974 and 1976, Robertson in Canada Richmond School Committee under the school office, long-term sex with 3 men aged 15 -16 underage female student. He takes advantage of his position and draws on his personal charm to attract the attention of female students. In

1976, on a school sponsored Mediterranean cruise, Robertson had sex with B, a 15 year old schoolgirl. At that time, parents of students have been informed of the situation, especially the parents of students B, and the police have representations. However, considering the possible circumstances facing her daughter's court and the legal provisions at that time, the parents of the female student B finally refused to file a criminal action against Robertson.

1976 in August, when the Richmond

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