Allows you to completely leave the society five days _ surprising ending

Let you leave this society for five days completely

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allows you to completely leave the society five days _ surprising ending, in this People are hurrying to and fro. society, every day we are in for a living, for the treatment of various trifles worry, most of the time, we have this idea, if really can and this boring world completely separate the good

! So, if you really completely cut off contact with the society, it will be a bit happier?

recently, British television channel5 has done such an experiment..

three volunteers in the production team under the arrangement, five days for the implementation of real time..


for five days. No, no computer, mobile phone, no TV, no friends and family of strangers, the whole world just leaving you a &hellip

; it is a kind of experience of how to

? Asked the volunteers to better experience the feeling of complete isolation, the program group in an empty warehouse, with three container insulation good modified three small rooms completely independent of … three subjects to do this test site..


to the test, has a different identity and occupation..

is the only male volunteer named Lloyd Wilkinson, 28 years old this year, is a funny blogger. He said before the test, he is an easy-going person, love is a joke and chat with friends … < / p>让你彻底离开这个社会五天_结局令人惊讶

in life, he almost no contact with people in every hour and moment. Friends in shooting video, social networks, and users interact. He felt that mobile phone has become their lifeline... Essential &hellip like water like him;

Why come to this program, is to look at the hands of the mobile phone without the original yourself, what is the..


of second volunteers named Charmayne, is 28 years old this year, is a pediatric nurse. Because of work reasons, every day she will be exposed to all kinds of strangers..


and she came on the show, is because of her husband and son too good..

“ I didn't get up in the morning he began to give me the ironing, cooking, washing dishes … my son is also small, is not a bit like a friend. I want to prove myself through this program, without their help, I can perfect treatment all the things..&rdquo their


; third girls named Lucie Kerly, she is a ins red, the usual work is to experience a variety of fun. Play things, then Po to the Internet to share … reason to participate in this test of


is because a few months ago she had just ended a period of 7 years of &hellip

in love; she and her ex husband love Marathon after 7 years of marriage just entered the hall, just over 4 June. Her ex husband fell in love with another woman...


three different roles in the community who came to the warehouse, ready to start a 5 day test..

in order to analyze the three people's mental condition, and ensure their safety, the monitoring will be tested in a senior psychologist Pauline...


Pauline said, living alone in these five days, may be a very hard process, but all the anxiety sad mood is the normal reaction. " Hope you can try to think of happy things, to cheer yourself up..

host before three volunteers experience, introduces the test precautions, including perseverance or encounter unexpected situations, you can press room red bell, choose to leave … everything will be in order to ensure the safety of volunteers under the premise of a test hear here...


… all the players were laughing..Lloyd that sounds like difficult oh.. but 5 days. Give me another 10 days should be no problem... < /p>让你彻底离开这个社会五天_结局令人惊讶

although Pauline and host of the players gave great encouragement, but also expressed Pauline in front of the camera their concerns about..

“ the volunteers may not know what his face is … because they don't know him They have been a habit like eating the same..&rdquo

contact with the outside world; she also expected a bit, love the lively Lloyd should insist for 5 days, will be in very anxious circumstances choose to leave...



with the help of the staff of three people will be on all the equipment all in jewelry and so on outside the room. Only with 3 want to carry personal items into the room to test the..


host one by one to introduce them to the room facilities etc... although the facility is very simple, but life must use items of a no less


... Everything is in order, with the heavy door coincidence, test the official start of the..


and the host outside … suddenly released a message contrary to expectation

he didn't tell the players... Who he would like them, in a small room alone for 5 days in..



on the first day of three volunteers and host each bosom to begin a few hours

started 5 day long lonely journey..., players of the state or is not wrong but also the camera about

Lloyd... My girlfriend and photo story..


male host playing himself in the room to play poker … looks very happy like..


Charmayne in the house of the whiteboard to write and play oil

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