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8 30 March 12 noon, who lives in Chengdu, the international community Lushan Ms. Deng went downstairs to the supermarket to buy things, the way will be 6 months old in the home to go out with the golden time away, she did not tie the rope. At the gate of the supermarket, the lively little golden dog wagged its tail and ran toward a child. The child's parents immediately took care of the child, and another parent kicked the dog.

Ms. Deng saw the dog was kicked, stepped forward theory, the two sides followed by physical conflict. Ms. Tang said, the other will be a family of three wounded, and multiple wounds caused by the body, especially the face, already half disfigured, I was a host, by face to eat, if not, do not work in the future".

9 1, the Chengdu business daily client reporter learned that, on the matter, the parties are currently in the police station mediation, the nature of the incident, etc., in the investigation of evidence, there is no final verdict. At the same time, the other side said on behalf of the lawyer, will cooperate with the investigation, according to the findings of the police mediation, compensation and other treatment.

"Ms. Deng in micro-blog released photos of the

event hostess posted on the Internet: the dog was not tied to the traction rope neighbors beat

8 31, a man named" bilingual host Danner "the netizen published a long article on micro-blog, told her when the dog was not tied to a traction rope by a neighbor beaten process.

8 month 30 noon, she went downstairs to the supermarket to buy milk, biscuits and plot to take delivery, because in a hurry to go to work, so the way will be 6 months old family in the golden take out a few minutes away, thinking there is no rope to tie the dog home. Go to the supermarket and the distance of fifty or sixty meters, the excited dog see in front of a child then shook tail to run past. "While the dog is running, I chase it back and shout loudly to the children around me," the dog won't bite. "The woman said that she had not caught the dog and saw the little girl's grandfather kicking at the dog's stomach.

then saw her dog being bullied, and she came forward and asked why she wanted to kick the dog. "My uncle said his dog child fell, if the dog bites the child how to do. "Some women feel wronged, their dogs did not relent children, then the two sides dispute, things get worse, then the two sides scuffle.

said she was beaten by her grandfather and mother in a physical conflict. She also with several facial, body injuries in the photos, from the photo shows that her right face swelling, there are a number of long scars,, neck and back are also more than a dozen centimeters of scars. Photo


"Ms. Deng in micro-blog released the golden child ran around the families were chuaikai clashes between the two countries" /strong>

later, the Chengdu Daily reporter contacted the users client Ms. deng. She expressed great chagrin at the matter. "My dog did not relent children, no harm to the child. "Ms. Deng said, later, through the investigation of supermarket surveillance video, restore the scene. Chengdu Daily reporter

client from the video to see, when a child standing alone in front of the supermarket, Ms. Deng's golden wagged his tail ran near the child, the child's grandmother Xianci, immediately stepped forward to hold the child to him, and the dogs were driven by hand. As the dog left the child and hid under a chair, a man ran to the child and paused for two seconds, kicking at the dog. At this point, Ms. Deng also rushed to the door, and then kicked the dog man began to quarrel.

quarrel for a while, another young man came to persuade an attempt to separate two people, then two people have physical altercations, Ms. Deng man put down in the chair, and stuck her neck, Ms. Deng kicked the man, the two sides began pulling up. Seeing the people around the crowd came to separate the two, after a while, two people fight, Ms. Deng was again pressed down on the chair, she grabbed the chair toward the man hit.

is understood that this video is only part of the conflict between the two sides. According to Ms. Deng introduced, when the police arrived, the police arrived, the other side of the child's mother also rushed over to pull her, but because the surveillance blind spot has not been recorded. Currently, the full process of the incident remains full of police investigation and evidence collection. According to

"Ms. Deng in micro-blog released the
responsibility both sides are inconclusive mediation of

Ms. Tang said he did not tie the traction rope in public places to walk the dog indeed, doing the wrong thing, which she said sorry. But the other side kicked the dog, while insulting themselves, and even hit the beat, she felt really should not.

conflict, Ms. Deng said he suffered hit each other, more than 20 wounds throughout the body. She told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter produced a West China Hospital diagnosis, diagnostic results for the maxillofacial, double upper limbs, neck, back, multiple skin and soft tissue contusion, concussion. Hospital

"provided by Ms. Deng
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