Luxury car towing speedboat, speedboat flying to the roadside, causing 5 deaths

Shenyang Dalian Z

bandaochenbao· 2017-09-02 17:34:46

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13 am today, Li Guan Zhen Long Wang Miao Cun Dalian Wafangdian City Liu Tun roadside tragic traffic accident occurred in a jeep, drag the traveling speed, the boat accidentally flew directly into the roadside hook shot, commercial stalls, more than 10 casualties in the accident. As of 17, received the news, the accident has been 5 deaths, more than injured were thrown in the rescue treatment. Specific events, police are still under investigation.

eyewitness said that more than 700 thousand of the value of black NISSAN jeep, hanging Liaoning A Shenyang car license plate, back dragging a private boat hook. When traveling to the yacht Jeep dragged Liu Tun Road, the car drag boats accidentally fall off hook, runaway boat homeopathic fly out, directly into the roadside stalls in the commercial side. "At that time, there are some tourists in the stalls to buy peaches, and this sudden accident just a moment. The witnesses said many people rushed into the stalls after the boat, in which several people were injured, on the spot is not moving. After that, onlookers immediately call the police and call 120. Many emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, immediately injured rescue, was informed that one person was killed on the spot. The injured were subsequently taken to hospital. As of 17, reporters received news that 5 people had been killed in the accident, but there are still serious injuries are still in the rescue. Local police are still investigating the incident. The

Peninsula morning news, Haili network reporter Qu Guipeng

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Luxury car towing speedboat, speedboat flying to the roadside, causing 5 deaths

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