Zhejiang men rely on the sale of sesame cake to save 7 suites

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zhongqingwang· 2017-09-02 21:01:17

some time ago, a pancake stand in Beijing, aunt fire. After a customer get pancakes, aunt insisted that he has played a little egg. Aunt excuse but blurted out: "I have a monthly income of 30 thousand, how would you less of an egg! "The news came out, online hot debate, many netizens express great stimulation, the comment area at the same time, a lot of similar" pancake aunt "roadside booth invisible rich.

a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan is not a legend aunt pancakes. Sold in Jinhua city for 8 years, the master of the sesame cake and reporters talking about this topic, admitted that he relied on a sesame cake, save the family property, raising children, raising women, most of the time there are 7 sets of houses on hand, not including stores.

breakfast industry is a bonanza, not a secret, as everyone's first meal every day, there are professional institutions predict that the Chinese breakfast food consumption will reach 1 trillion and 950 billion yuan in 4 years. Tasted the sweetness of investment in real estate, Yang master has never put down the sale of sesame cake this line of business. He said, the industry a lot of people disdain, but to be safe, profits are ok. Talk about the topic a turn, inherited his father's topic, he hesitated: "leave the house than the craft, but now young people I'm afraid few can eat this bitter. "

breakfast in the kingdom of wealth legend,

2009 years, Yang master 37 years old, who lived in the countryside, learned cooking.". In order to support a pair of children, he sold meat, worked in the village, weddings and funerals, often invited him to dinner. Save some savings, the couple two people consult, decided to do food, small business, so in a downtown Lane opened a breakfast shop.

master Yang cook sesame cake, his wife fried fritters, maintaining a livelihood is not a problem. After 8 years, Yang master's youth is spent in the dough and oven. Master Yang do Clay oven rolls from the zero base line, and by chowhound who sought, also became the "Red Net", now every day to sell three hundred or four hundred. A sesame cake sold 3 yuan, a fried bread stick sold 2 yuan, the store also sell steamed buns, steamed bread, wonton, soybean milk, Fujian soup … … 70 square meters shop, 7 people take turns to greet, but also busy confused. How much can you make in a month? Master Yang said, excluding the cost at least 30 thousand yuan.

, just set up shop, Yang master's sesame cake sold 2 cents a, and now the price is 15 times the original. "The original breakfast two or three yuan, we eat affordable, eat enough is the most important.". Now, a breakfast to eat down, more than a dozen dollars is very common. Everyone on the taste of the high demand more, all the way There are plenty of people who drove to my breakfast. "Breakfast in Jinhua, Yang is not the most profitable one," there is a "brown sugar and Steamed Buns a chain of fried dumpling shop in Jiangnan, a year can earn 7 figures. By the end of

2009, master Yang had earned his first pot of gold. From that year on, he would invest in a flat every two or three years. At the most, he saved 7 suites, not including the store. Real estate investment for Yang master brought a lot of money, but there are two shops investment, smashed in the hands, can not sell, rent, and they can not use. "I'm not a big business person. I've tried many ways of investing, or the most reliable thing to do with a craft.". The industry a lot of people disdain, but the real deal, the risk is small, the profit is also good. "

traveled to Canada soil Clay oven rolls of Japanese

talking about their own do Clay oven rolls are very proud of the young master, or. From the purchase, and noodles, seasoning, and then to the heat, time control, he has his own kind of groping, and finally caught a group of customers stomach. Master Yang's sesame cake, crisp outside, tender, the first down, especially stunning. The crust is dense black sesame, is full of delicious baking, a bite, it is wrapped in green onion. And the general Clay oven rolls is different, master Yang onion full materials Clay oven rolls, a thin layer sandwiched between cake, its fresh taste and crisp pastry contrasting … … every day, master Yang in front of the stove are Clay oven rolls, such as cake baked cake, and to buy. Condition of less and less. He said, "after so many years, the most difficult thing is to maintain the product fresh and stable quality, and from the customer's reaction, he felt that he did well in this area.".

", 5 o'clock this morning, the store came to an aunt, said to buy 32 sesame seed cake. I was still shopping for food and went back to the store at 6. She was still waiting for me. "A pot of sesame cake 25, 32 have to wait for two stoves.". Master Yang while baking, while chatting with aunt. It turned out that so many sesame cakes are to be sent to Shanghai, where is the aunt's daughter?.

"the food and beverage in Shanghai is more developed than that in Jinhua. What do you want to eat?" "Master Yang is a little puzzled. "When she was a child, I used to bring her here for breakfast. She liked eating the sesame seed cake and came back every time.". Recently, she had just changed jobs, one thirty while don't come back, this is not greedy, call me to send her. "Aunt said, usually she will send to her daughter to eat, but they are all done by themselves, dumplings, cakes, bread have been sent, every time you send things, but also paste a

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