Cool! A new report, the robot to help find the bedroom

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waitanjiaoyu· 2017-09-04 07:44:56

" recently, at the Jilin University Qianwei campus, 2017 new report to the scene, a robot wearing uniforms are receiving the new report. The new students can communicate with the robot by voice to help the freshmen to inquire about the registration information. Many students are surrounded by robots to take pictures, "welcome to the robot", can tell the new dormitory where, we see it is very happy. (East IC for map, declined to reprint)

, Hello, Liu Xiaodong, nice to meet you, class=. Your number is 7326 * * * *, welcome you to come to the beautiful Changchun from Heilongjiang, came to the Jilin University School of Instrument Science and electrical engineering, your bedroom is in four * * * room apartment building. "A small robot wearing a blue T-shirt attracted many people's attention in the welcome area of the school of Instrument Science and electrical engineering of Jilin University.

" of the college counselor Wang Mian said, this is a college junior and senior design time by about two months of a robot, called "seven". "Seven" is responsible for the reception service, as long as the students at the school say "seven" close, it will tell the students to report relevant information, bid farewell to the paperless fill in the new file, improve the efficiency of the office. "This is the first time to use it in the school orientation program. I hope the new students will have a better understanding and understanding of the college. "Wang Mian said," this kind of design is also hope to stimulate the enthusiasm and interest of the new students.

"seven" in the head with a square electronic screen a Meng Meng, "limbs" are perfect, but only part of the body, wearing a blue t-shirt. "Because the time is tight, now 'seven' is not a decent" clothes ". Welcome the new session and we can put together a 'seven' to become more perfect. "Wang Mian said.

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Cool! A new report, the robot to help find the bedroom