Why did the emperor have to wait for the eunuch? Have beautiful ladies


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has a special liking for the ancient palace plot most of the friends will find a strange phenomenon, that is: the emperor's side have a lot of good ladies beauty together, but the emperor personal care, closer to the people is the eunuch eunuch. The ancients cloud "heart", of course, there are also many ancient emperors amorist obsessed with sex, but no matter how lewd, indulge in the beauty of the emperor, the personal care are mostly chosen by the eunuch, and in the end is this one reason why? In this huge palace as the servant in Pyramid, the emperor a superior, aloof, and the maid of the eunuch eunuch and beyond count is constitute the cornerstone of Pyramid's large. In the history of the eunuch Machiavellian in the palm is a common phenomenon, and even some eunuch eunuch right has been able to transcend the emperor, until the resulting "emperor emperor" of the scene.

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such as the Qin Dynasty famous eunuch Zhao Gao, had "something else", even with doubt, under all the deer also become Public clamor can melt metals. three into a tiger, horse, Qin also cannot refute, face the ministers and Zhao Gao, how dare he? Zhao Gao before nine thousand years old, there is behind the Ming Dynasty eunuch and Wei Zhongxian. The folk called it called the "nine thousand years", "emperor", although it is said with a smile, but very realistic. Above the temple minister who dare to fight, probably will not have a good end, general budehaosi. But people have never heard of history which ladies Machiavellian, heavy right hand, official to do the biggest, powerful, mighty. In this way, the emperor's closeness to eunuchs was deeply rooted.

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