Kill ten food that can not be eaten to the baby too, what have?

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, the public scientific parenting many parents are increasingly concerned about the health and safety of children, this is really a happy thing!

in addition, believe that the baby's eating and drinking issues, Po, Dad, treasure, mothers will usually pay special attention to it. That's right, because the baby thing no matter ~

oh baby food as long as attention to health and safety, and monthly (annual) age can not just eat "say yes, but you can say exactly what food is absolutely not to give the baby to eat?

don't worry, I can ah (proud face) ~


salt according to "meals guide" Chinese residents, 1 years old the baby does not need additional salt.

0~6 months of the baby mainly to eat breast milk or formula, which is sufficient to meet the baby's Sodium requirements. 7~12 months to add complementary baby, breast milk, formula milk and complementary food also contain different share of sodium.

so, as long as the normal eating baby, the sodium in the food can fully meet the baby's physiological needs.

excessive salt intake will increase the baby's physical burden, but also reduce oral saliva, resulting in the risk of respiratory infections. At the same time, excessive intake of salt will break the body's metabolic balance, affecting the absorption of other nutrients. Even for future health, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other hidden dangers.

and the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents also suggest that the baby's diet should be light and should not be salty. So when parents go to the supermarket, they should get into the habit of looking at the ingredients list and choose the rich and low sodium products.



honey printing on the "wonderful" legend in more health benefits beyond count, God is not popular Qide, consistent pursuit, is regarded as a gift.

but, from a nutritional point of view, honey is mostly sugar, and the rest is water, and the only remaining ingredients are not clearly nutritious. So honey is just a high calorie, nutrient free food.

and honey may contain botulinum toxin, which may pose a risk of poisoning in infants whose digestive system is not perfect.

therefore, less than 1 years of age infants and young children in the complementary food, do not recommend adding honey.



, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently released guidelines for babies under 1 years of age who are unable to drink fruit juice.

some parents may feed the baby's juice to the baby because they don't like it. However, after the juice is extracted, the main nutrients in the juice are water, the secondary nutrient is carbohydrates, and the key dietary fiber is almost 0.

juice not only has no nutrition, but also poses a great threat to the baby's health. Once

has developed a habit of drinking fruit juice, it may lead to a refusal to drink white water in the future, only because of the preference for sweet drinks. This is a risk for overweight and obesity. The sugar in some

juices can be fermented by the bacteria in the colon, which can not be absorbed by the baby, but when carbohydrates are too high, they can cause gastrointestinal burden and risk the risk of osmotic diarrhea in children.

and the fresh juice of your own home also has a potential safety hazard. Juices that have not been sterilized may contain E. coli, Salmonella, and so on, threatening the health of your baby.

, and some parents may be successful for the baby to take drugs, and fruit juice to induce the baby to take the medicine, this approach is a big mistake. Most fruit juices contain flavonoids, which may reduce the availability and properties of certain drugs.

so, don't use the juice to the baby feeding. Moreover, long-term drinking of fruit juice on the baby's teeth is not good, it may form decayed teeth.



said the whole nuts nuts, many clever mother certainly think, easy to make baby allergic to nuts. But in addition to allergies, nuts also have another huge safety hazard - foreign matter, the throat.

3 years ago, the baby's swallowing ability and chewing ability is not perfect, and nuts are generally relatively hard, it is easy to jam the baby's throat, a careless risk of suffocation.

and similar to easy to choke baby jelly, with nuclear fruit, thorn fish, popcorn and other food, should not give the baby to eat.

if it is especially nutritious food, such as nuts, in the process of making food (not allergic to), it is best to ground or crushed to add to the food.


containing fish fish tender mercury, rich in DHA and protein nutrition quality of the rich, very suitable for children to eat. But not all fish can be eaten by babies.

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