Those who love WeChat transfers, be careful not to transfer them

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recently, Zhejiang, Ningbo Xiangshan County Xiao Lin (a pseudonym) some depressed, through the transfer of WeChat lend friends Xiao Zhang 2000 yuan, the other party did not pay the money, but also disappeared.

Lin filed a lawsuit against the court in Xiangshan, and also produced a print of the transfer notes, but the court recently dismissed the claim.

, what's the matter?

case one,

with WeChat transfer screenshot, print suit, was dismissed,

reporter learned from the Xiangshan court, the hospital has just heard a special case of private lending disputes.

20 years old Lin in the delivery of the courier process, met the courier zhang. Xiao Zhang is more than 30 years old. He often comes to Xiao Lin to take delivery. In the course of contacts, two people familiar with, also with WeChat. After understanding for some time, Xiao Zhang said he was short of money, temporary need turnaround, to borrow 2000 yuan Lin. Xiao Lin on the WeChat to Xiao Zhang turned 2000 yuan.

later, did not let Zhang fill a promissory note.

said that just a few days off, but Zhang has yet to repay the meaning. After a while, Zhang Zhang did not return the money, but also played a human evaporation.

reluctantly, Xiao Lin filed a lawsuit against the Xiangshan court.

's trial, Xiao Zhang is still missing, unable to appear. During the trial, Xiao Lin can not provide mobile phone transfer to Xiao Zhang's original page, only issued a WeChat transfer screen screenshot.

what's more, the receiver shown on this print is a net name - "heavy *"". Because it is a net name, there is no way to confirm that the net name is accused Xiao zhang.

Lin provided WeChat transfer screenshots, although the evidence can be used, but it can not be a single card verdict, in view of this, the court finally insufficient evidence to deny Lin's lawsuit request.

case two,

, WeChat transferred to friends, 120 thousand always come back,

, Lin's experience, many people may encounter. "Chen Xiang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Ningbo law firm and lawyer, told reporters that although the transfer of WeChat is convenient, it is also easy to cause trouble. He's also been handling a lot of similar cases recently.

" Mr. Sun to find Chen Xiang, care-laden, for two years, he has continued through the WeChat transfer to lend a friend Ding 120 thousand yuan, no iou. Mr. Ding has refused to repay the loan. Chen Xiang to see its WeChat transfer records, Mr. Ding's WeChat account is not real name, but a company name.

yes, he hasn't used his real name yet. Can't you tell me I lent him the money? "Mr. Sun is worried. After all, 120 thousand is not a small amount.

"at the time, Mr. Sun is similar to some of the Xiaolin Gudzafflheng, no other evidence. I advised him to supplement the evidence as soon as possible. "Under Mr. Chen Xiang's guidance, Mr. Sun sent messages to each other in WeChat and text messages. The general content is:" Ding * * *, I am * * *, I lent you the * * * * *, please return it as soon as possible. "

fortunately, Mr. Ding did not know that Mr. Sun had planned to sue, and he was not on the alert. In text messages and WeChat replies: "yes.". "

then, Mr. Sun called the other party, further confirmed the borrowing of the phone, and telephone recording. "

" the case was handled smoothly, from the original solitary card into a complete chain of evidence. Finally, Mr. Sun's lawsuit was supported by the court. So far, the money has been basically paid off. "Chen Xiang said," unfortunately, in more cases, the evidence is difficult to fill. ". For example, received a similar message, the other side ignored, without any reply.

suggested that money can in turn online, IOU to give red envelopes, don't be lazy, analysis to use transfer postscript Lynn

trial judge, source of real WeChat transfer amount has two kinds: one is

and the WeChat platform bound bank card, which can record and bank deposit record chat according to the related WeChat form a chain of evidence to prove the fact of borrowing.

two is small change cash. Some mobile phone systems are unable to display the name transferred to each other's name, only the amount, date of transaction, transaction number, and "friend has confirmed the money". Simply by transferring records, it is impossible to prove whether the "friend" that has been collected is the borrower himself.

so, there must be issued by WeChat operators related to the identity information, the borrower or the real picture photos, chats, audio and other corroborative evidence also needs to be notarized when necessary.

therefore, the judge suggested that as much as possible using the traditional IOUS and bank transfer transactions of private lending is reliable.

money available online at WeChat to face to transfer, iou. "Chen Xiang suggested, not because of trouble, because of the face and other reasons not to write iou. It is a reminder, a copy of ID card is best to attach the borrower IOU, if there is a dispute, there is a clear identity information will be much better. In reality, the lawyers often only on the borrower IOU's name, but no other information, borrowers are hard to find but disappeared in the vast sea of embarrassment.

if the objective situation is not convenient to set up written evidence, it should also be careful to collect and fix electronic evidence. In life, a lot of people give

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