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in recent years, with the rapid development of electronic sports, more and more sports stars and the tyrannical Club involved in gaming. Recently, according to foreign media reports, has a long history of the Bundesliga club Schalke 04 team has purchased the elements of European LCS seats. Multiple sources to prove that the transaction will be announced next week. Last November, after the 2015 season, there were rumors that Elements was looking for a private buyer for its LCS seats, but did not find any interested bidders. Eventually the team for the new spring season to establish a new lineup, but the end of the third consecutive season only seventh.

FC Schalke 04:

Gelsenkirchen - FC Schalke 04 is the second largest football club in Germany, but also the whole world the number of members of the six football club. Team was established on 4 may 1904, home to holds 55 seats and has been the creation of the pride of 129 decibel screaming voices went to Schalke stadium, now dubbed "the Veltins arena". Now the German football league competition, with more than sixty million U.S. dollars in the world's seventh highest income club.

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