LG flagship why finally put on the OLED screen?

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weifengwang· 2017-09-04 20:33:23

in the mobile phone field, referring to the OLED display, most people think of is samsung. However, at present, in the OLED screen industry, technology and most powerful manufacturers, in addition to Samsung, everyone should be able to think of LG. There is no denying that both Samsung, Display, or LG Display have been the core players in the OLED field. Samsung is more focused on the smart phone in the field of small and medium-sized OLED screen, and LG is the main shipped TV with super size OLED.

of course, LG also has a flexible OLED screen for mobile phones, and has long been used by domestic manufacturers. For example, LG provides 2 Note millet hyperboloid screen, but the screen is called the screen supply laboratory mice, although the exclusive supply still lack of capacity and quality of the screen is worrying, the existence of "Yin and Yang ditch under the particle screen or a heavy sense of" problem, Note 2 capacity for after several adjustments. Does this mean that

, LG OLED smart mobile phone screen does not have the light of day? And be not so! LG recently released the latest V30 flagship phone, which is using its latest P-OLED screen technology products, known as the world's first P-OLED FullVision display screen mobile phones. So why has LG finally awakened and begun to dabble in the mobile phone industry's OLED screen?

, the first thing to say is the mainstream trend. Samsung OLED screen and display technology early in 2010 only at the end of a row, but with the rapid development and improvement of technology, has now become a leader, and continue to lead the industry to actively change, the latest DisplayMate evaluation of the Note 8 OLED screen, is considered to be the authority of the evaluation of the most a new intelligent mobile phone screen, the best performance.

,'s iPhone, is one of the leaders of the trend, as LG knows this, and the trend of the display is going to the OLED display. Therefore, even if the LG through market research, media, or OLED industry competitors customer orders, basically is also very clear on this point, more and more mobile phone manufacturers will begin with a OLED screen into the flagship machine. LG itself is the industry's largest display seller, and then with the progress of cutting late.

moreover, LG P-OLED shows that the increase in the capacity of the screen is also on the one hand, after all, the OLED screen does not mean that output can produce. Over the past two years, LG continued to invest in the production line, and expressed the hope that as soon as possible to ensure that each year output 120 million of the 6 inches P-OLED smartphone screen capacity, to meet the mainstream smart phone shipments. Since it has been able to meet the V30 shipments, indicating that capacity is steadily improving. However, the actual full capacity production needs to wait until the late 2018, when it is possible to further meet the big orders of apple and Google customers. The third thing

has to say is the technical advantage of the P-OLED screen. The V30 can realize display technology, the screen resolution can reach 2K level, with a wide color gamut and accurate color features, color gamut can reach 109% DCI-P3 range, covering 148% of the sRGB color gamut, high contrast primary. At the same time, the screen operation response time is ten times faster than LCD, can effectively eliminate the image lag, action movies and VR content to enhance the experience significantly, also support the HDR 10 image provides a better viewing experience.

display display technology is on the one hand, the key is, comprehensive screen become the next intelligent mobile phone design trend, and this trend is already mature phase of OLED. The V30 is not difficult to see that this is completely different from the V20 of a machine, on the border with V20 reduced by 20% compared to 50%, only the forehead and chin a panel, to maximize the visual space, look almost the entire screen, more beautiful, more fashionable. LG's P-OLED is just for the full screen trend.

because P-OLED itself has a lot of advantages, including durability prominent, even for Samsung today's glass surface OLED, its plastic substrate is more solid, resistant to fall is not fragile. Therefore, under the premise of P-OLED light and long life, it is very helpful for mobile phone manufacturers to design an excellent full screen mobile phone flexibly. LG V30 said, the design of super P-OLED screen can be an easy job to do through a narrow border border at least than the traditional mobile phone, reduced 3-4 mm.

", but the official speech must have some exaggerated publicity effect. Because the beginning of this year, using LCD screen LG G6 flagship, is also a comprehensive screen design, but some measurements show that V30 screen side frame is actually a little wider than G6. The explanation for the LG seems to have been well prepared, claiming that it avoids the side light refraction problem, and the other is the touch and grip.

LG may be reluctant to admit the existence of the first generation P-OLED FullVision screen shortcomings, but since the official commitment to its excellent comprehensive screen features, the next generation can be further improved, at least the direction is correct, but also left many improved LG time. In any case, full screen mobile phones are the latest design trend

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