Repeatedly traced to child abuse of "red, yellow, blue" intends to go to the United States listed

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repeatedly traced to abuse of the "red yellow blue" to the United States listed the "astronomical" fee questioned

in April this year, red yellow blue was traced to the teacher abuse phenomenon of students in Beijing near Dahongmen. A network video network was widely circulated in the video, a teacher kicking the child was sitting on a bench.

" and "red, yellow and blue" educational institutions, micro-blog statement.

future network in Beijing on 4 September, (reporter Yang Peiying Cheng Ting) recently, there is news that the Beijing red yellow blue children's Education Technology Development Co. Ltd. (red yellow blue) has the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted IPO application documents, plans listed on the New York stock exchange, stock symbol "RYB". Plans to raise funds up to $100 million.

future network reporter noted that the red yellow and blue in the prospectus listed operating profit decline, loss of market share, qualified teachers leave, leaving executives, venture capital spending increases, the curriculum content cannot keep up with the demands of a new era, students personal injury, influence the brand's vicious incident, large-scale epidemics, the school can not renew the risk that content more than 35 pages. In fact, the public is not unfamiliar with red, yellow and blue.

red, yellow, blue kindergarten repeatedly occurred child abuse event,

such as red, yellow, blue in the prospectus risk prompt, in recent years, red, yellow, blue students in school personal injury has happened many times.

in April this year, located in Beijing, Dahongmen near the red, yellow and blue kindergarten traced teacher abuse student phenomenon. A network video network was widely circulated in the video, a teacher kicking the child was sitting on a bench. During the period, the parents asked the kindergarten teacher, "is there no teacher qualification certificate", two kindergarten teachers did not answer. In addition, there are video students kicked parents, beaten the teacher's scene. After micro-blog certification for Beijing red, yellow, blue children's Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. @ red, yellow, blue education institutions responded, the park principal to suspend the inspection. And that certain profound reflection, serious rectification.

, while in Jilin, Siping City, red, yellow, blue kindergarten child abuse case has caused a sensation. In 2016, the first instance of the case was sentenced, and 4 kindergarten teachers were sentenced respectively. 11 at the end of 2015, more than 10 in Siping City, red yellow blue nursery school children found a large number of suspected needle scars, the parents went to the police, 4 teachers and later involved jingfangxingju, October 24, 2016, Siping City Tiexi District People's court verdict, the 4 defendants were sentenced prison in two years and six months to two years and ten months, 4 defendants appeal court said. In the second instance, the facts affirmed by the court were consistent with the facts found in the original judgment, namely, the four appellant repeatedly implemented the criminal act of maltreatment of the custody of the children, and ruled to reject the appeal and upheld the original verdict.

more red, yellow, blue kindergarten has occurred on foot event,

in addition to repeated incidents of child abuse, many red, yellow, blue kindergarten has occurred on foot.

in early February this year, there are Henan media reports, red, yellow, blue and child garden Zhengzhou shop after the Spring Festival this year due to rent arrears and teacher wages closed, nearly 60 children did not go to the curriculum, worth more than 500 thousand yuan. At that time, Beijing red, yellow, blue education institutions headquarters operator said that the incident has been known, is actively processing, but the store responsible for handling the aftermath of the person in charge of temporarily unable to contact. Parents had to go to the Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau Jinshui Road police station Economic Crime Investigation Brigade report.

in November last year, according to Shandong media reports, more than Weifang people said to reporters reflect, they June in Weifang red yellow blue Qinziyuan spend more than 10000 of the children reported that early childhood education classes, the less than two months, Qinziyuan began for various reasons closed, and finally became closed to stop the course, and the relevant person in charge don't touch. At that time, Beijing headquarters staff red yellow blue educational institutions also said that on the Weifang red yellow blue closed the news, they have already received related complaints, the current headquarters is sent to investigate the matter, to understand the statistics of each child's class, but also actively communicate with the person in charge of the Weifang area. For to solve the problem.

future network reporter noted that the red, yellow, blue kindergarten leaders lost contact in recent years have occurred. In 2015, Sichuan Province, Yibin City Cuiping District of the South Bank of the river Rhine "red yellow blue Qinziyuan center" lost contact person in charge. In 2010, the red, yellow, blue and child garden Tianjin sub Park was suddenly closed without informing members and headquarters.

tuition increases year after year, was questioned unreasonable charges,

, on the other hand, the future network reporter noted that the country has many parents questioned red, yellow, blue kindergarten fees too high.

in the vicinity of Beijing in April this year, Dahongmen red yellow blue exposed teacher student abuse phenomenon, a lot of friends in the @ red yellow blue micro-blog "on the Dahongmen educational institution kindergarten statement" after the comments, questioning the red yellow blue high charges.

a netizen commented, "no teacher teacher could serve in tuition a month 6800 of the red yellow blue, red and yellow blue is your money? Really should check out such a kindergarten. "This netizen replies when other netizen asks a question, express, Fangzhuang red, yellow, blue, international class 6800 yuan a month. In this regard, there are net friends

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