Sitting on 7 properties! Uncle sesame cake make you sad?

Smallpox property entrepreneur Beijing

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this is my only younger comments can soothe many small white-collar places: you may also only 1/10 of their income, but their relative to the ceiling, you have the whole sky.

has to say that this is an age when young white collars are particularly vulnerable. The first set of a small target

not only injured in Wang Jianlin's ", he will earn one hundred million, earning $30 thousand a tearful kneeling on the pancake aunt skirt.

", this is an old stalk. A Beijing customer insisted to his aunt pancakes made a egg. The pancake aunt blurted out: "I have a monthly income of 30 thousand, how would you less of an egg! "

as a small white-collar customer is still an egg pancake aunt Pennywise, yanwangye will advance to the already" little kid "the realm of money.

's are too high to be reached, but It is quite common for pancakes. Make a pancake and have, not what the content of science and technology, without studying hard, very low barriers to entry, compared to many tall on the company is simply not worth mentioning......

however, family monthly income of 30 thousand yuan! In Chinese, for more than 80% of earners, a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan is elusive!

so, when people discuss the opening "naotidaogua" problem.

relative to the small target, small white-collar workers feel from the thick pancake aunt "malicious", probably more intense and more realistic.

you just call the richest man "father", for pancakes aunt who is always a "bad old age."". But

has the advantage of small white-collar workers can understand finally, aunt pancakes, earning 30 thousand yuan Department of legitimate income, have nothing to say.

only bites the pancakes, with powerful digestive system to resolve the sadness, the mentality of the glory of the king and continue his toughened and hardened into steel.

but for the white collar, the injury will never come from the pancake aunt, because there is this uncle sesame cake.

for 8 years in the city of Jinhua Clay oven rolls Yang master, not only rely on a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan, Clay oven rolls, and most of the time have 7 houses, not including the store.

" master Yang do from the zero base line, Clay oven rolls, by chowhound who sought, also became the "Red Net", now every day to sell three hundred or four hundred.

this has been a story enough to encourage, but uncle's talk, it is estimated that many small white-collar workers disdain. Yang said the master, who also has 90 young people to work in his shop, some is to study with a teacher, some work, but did not stay.

did the longest work for more than two months; the fastest, three days later. "Eat not bitter, can not stand loneliness.". Here I work about 6 hours a day and earn 3000 yuan, they are more willing to take delivery. "

Yang master sighed and said, diligent point takeout, a day to do 70 single, at least every single can earn 3 dollars, compared to a small shop, live errands more popular with young people.

as a delivery, I must first correct Yang master: again diligent delivery staff, a day can not do 70 single, this is the basic human efficiency. But generally every single earn at least 5 yuan.

of course, let me even more surprised is that, "Uncle pancakes" actually accused 90, "can not eat bitter, can not stand loneliness."". However, after 90 to you here hard-working and lonely, for what it is, for a monthly salary of 3000 yuan, or in order to learn it?

for money, of course, will change for higher income. In order to study with a teacher, in my opinion is to do a Clay oven rolls but others, three days enough to learn, but also the resistance to what?

maybe I didn't expect it. The pancake uncle really has some ideas of traditional apprenticeship. He thinks he should be a teacher for a day, and he always depends on his life. Do young people still believe in you? Although the monthly income of 30 thousand yuan, with 7 sets of real estate, but do not know how to use the law of the market, there are also difficult to escape the limitations of him. Aunt uncle

for pancakes Clay oven rolls their diligence, admiration, but the monthly income of 30 thousand yuan, is likely to be their income ceiling. This is the only thing I can tell many small white-collar places: you may also only 1/10 of their income, but their relative to the ceiling, you have the whole sky.

more importantly, relative to those aunt uncles, you are younger, more understanding of the Internet ah. High income

Yang Geng body

you only envy the hard but didn't see Clay oven rolls out

is an ordinary home store business, some Clay oven rolls, Clay oven rolls buns and other breakfast, a monthly income of up to several million yuan, a few years down the operators managed to save 7 suites, which makes some young people envy. From this event can be seen, there is no distinction of industry and occupation in essence, "champion" always thought-provoking and full of truth. No matter what the industry, as long as the good will be successful, this is not empty words. Any pursuit and ideals of youth, as long as the loneliness, even in the "low" selling breakfast, Bao Baozi and baked Clay oven rolls occupation, it may not be a "occupation denver",

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