The streets of Hangzhou in this scene, onlookers who stayed to see wonderful, users satire!

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hulianwang· 2017-09-05 08:37:42

the day before yesterday, a number of young men were crawling on the road in front of a barbershop in Xiaoshan street, and there were people nearby who were "on the road".

onlookers who stayed to see, what's going on?


the day before yesterday evening, Xiaoshan netizen "and" in Xiao Kai intranet posting said: gold

below knee, the barber shop to ______? Boss do employees to play!


has just been here before the road users take the scene video:

have a good way to go, kneeling, why?

this, users have to guess.

friends say, want to take a barber shop (Corporate Culture) speculation; some netizens said that the estimate is working out what the problem is, it is such a punishment; also the netizen says, this is just a game.


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