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"everybody pack up, we'll meet at 1 p.m. KTV.". "4 noon, just had lunch, 65 year old Aunt Li began to greet the neighborhood in the WeChat group, this day is their fixed singing time.". Aunt Lee lived in Sichuan Chengdu Maple Ridge District, two years ago, she and more than 10 residential neighbors on the formation of a "K group", every Monday and Thursday will go to the nearby sea music star KTV "set two rooms, sing an afternoon. In fact, such as aunt Lee retired uncle aunt at home has become the main force of the KTV afternoon, KTV has not only young people's special.

KTV afternoon, more than half of retired uncle aunt

"two bags, a few white boiling water pot. "The 4 day at 1 pm, Li Ayi's friends came as KTV, the" K "group leader, aunt Lee take up the call, booking rooms, responsibility for all services. "This KTV we twice every week, the waiter got recognition. "

" this way! The waiter walked in front to lead the way, aunt Lee followed, "brother wanderers, the stereo sound to us up ah, the last voice small. "The

18 partner is arranged in two adjacent compartments. Sit down, aunt Lee skilled in the song on the screen to choose a song from Timi Zhuo's "you", this is her will point track.

"old rules, like to sing, what to order, in turn.". "Aunt Lee" K "group singing for a long time in the KTV, everyone is also very understanding, to whom the song who took the microphone to sing, dance partner in other hobbies Banwu side, the end of the song, they were my applause. In the team, is the most active wear aunt, young is the dance of love, she came back, in two rooms, singing together, then dancing. The end of a song, but also jokingly raised the cup, water instead of wine.

4" on the afternoon, the Chengdu Daily reporter visited a number of KTV, found such as aunt Lee retired people there are many, even occupy the vast field on the main KTV afternoon.

is located in Chengdu 339 "than the song love song KTV", 1 points to 6 points every afternoon will launch the afternoon, 40 yuan of money in the small and middle package sing one afternoon, according to staff, the store a total of more than 60 rooms, the general afternoon will have 3 rooms into places, of which more than half of all is retirement uncle aunt. And in the East Ring Road "colorful KTV", in the reporters visited 3 pm, the seat of the more than 10 rooms are basically old people. Located in the two ring road SM square "sea star KTV", the proportion of the elderly reached 80%.

of course, there are also a small number of stores, such as KTV, near Chunxi Road, will be much less. "Yes" or "yes," but it is a business district. "Introduce the shop assistant. But there is no doubt that KTV no longer belongs to the young.

" low consumption time, the highest per capita ten yuan

"in fact, this phenomenon has appeared for a long time, the main reason is cheap. "Wego" pure K "in Jianshe Road clerk, KTV prime time is in the evening, the day is empty, so we will introduce some preferential activities in the afternoon, the vacant rooms used," this time, many people are at work, can people not to sing so, the consumption is very low, only the basic fee. "

Chengdu Daily reporter learned that, like the East Ring Road" KTV "afternoon colorful time from 12 noon until 6 p.m., and the consumption is only 60 yuan, according to the number, a group of people sharing down just a few yuan to ten yuan. "Sea star KTV" is only 40 yuan, you can enjoy large and medium-sized rooms in the afternoon singing time. The city is located in the street "Alice KTV fantasy", do a 99 yuan membership card will be able to sing three times. And open buy software, in which each KTV afternoon show prices are also less than 100 yuan, forty or fifty of the middle price is the most.

aside from the job of young people, prices are really a big factor. "We all retired, more time, like this morning to afternoon seven or eight, booked a parcel came to sing, a person only a few dollars, but also to practice voice, and entertainment, but also enhance the feelings of everyone. "In the colorful KTV," said the 60 year old aunt who was singing, Aunt Liu said.

"if outside the park, sing a song of 2 yuan of money to a few dollars per capita, here to sing a good afternoon," in the "sea music star KTV" aunt Lee said, "but there is no trouble, the effect of good, better outside here can feel shy, open sing. "

membership card every week to sing red songs, old song is the mainstream

aunt Lee and her" K "group every Monday and Thursday will sing a whole afternoon, she pay first, then share with friends. To this end, she also dealt with the membership card

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