Red Rainstorm warning, the principal notified the photos closed fire

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nandouwang· 2017-09-05 09:35:09

Nandu hearing trainee reporter He Ruyan early in September 4th, the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau issued a Red Rainstorm warning, the city closed, a barefoot president at the school gate to notify students closed photos fire.

pictures from the Southern Metropolis Daily App

photos of the president named Xiong Jinshen, from Longgang District, South Bay school. The WeChat group in the South Bay school parents and friends, the bear Photos forwarded by a large number of parents have to point praise: "bear president moved", "the most beautiful headmaster" and "small act means love the child's heart, send their children to the South Bay I rest assured".

" on the outside of applause, some people questioned: why do you want to do? Can't I have a cell phone notification? Barefoot is not a show? 7

every day, the school gate "bear dad" for

this morning, some parents have to school by school bus driver and a group of parents notice, but because the students are living in nearby basically, there have been more than 300 students arrived at the school in the notice issued, so that the headmaster at the school gate to the notice of suspension this is the scene.

" is actually more than today, every day 7 principals will bear on time at the school gate, with a five way to greet his students.

" in his words, to the school early because of their own to "late", often suffering from menopausal insomnia and early awakening "terminally ill", and a little selfish want to give the home province electricity". "Of course the main is not old, want to interact with a small meat clap brush presence. "

, a 54 year old bear chief, said she had a" 15 year old "girl. "I am an old urchin who loves children and loves playing with children.". "Bear," said the headmaster. Not only does he like children, but the children like him too. Call him "Papa Xiong"". Several times on business, there are children can not see the bear, dad is not used to, parents call to say: "Xiong dad, I miss you, how did not see you for a few days?". "

", and so on, "id_imagebox_6", is the "father of the bears" and the daily conventions of the children. The only special barefoot, just because the school is low, Papa's shoes are wet.

closed the complaint

menacing storm, go too fast, noon already stopped raining, and parents would also like to go back to pick baby, inevitably complain.

according to the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, in the Red Rainstorm Warning in force, even if the District, the city is closed all day. In this regard, Xiong told reporters that he must also do as required, which is responsible for the children and parents.

coping with this extreme weather, schools also have a security response mechanism. For example, the first is closed, timely notice, according to the South Bay school parents, 7 a few minutes on the mobile phone has received notice of the school. For the students and parents who have already arrived, the school arranges the junior students who come alone to the classroom for the time being, and informs the parents to come to pick up; the senior students and the parents accompanying students go home by themselves.

timely notification, positive diversion, is South Bay schools to guide the closure of extreme weather guidelines. In addition, master Xiong also maintained good communication with his parents on weekdays, and almost every parent knew him. "The school meets at least three times a year, and the two is normal. In addition, there are parents of good or problem students. "Principal Xiong told reporters.

"genuinely infect people around you, that's what education is.". "This is an evaluation by the parents of the South Bay School on the way the headmaster handles the suspension, and it is also a confirmation of the education style of the principal.

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Red Rainstorm warning, the principal notified the photos closed fire

Red Rainstorm warning, the principal notified the photos closed fire

Red Rainstorm warning, the principal notified the photos closed fire

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