In this way, let the world see Taiwan, Cai Yingwen how anxious?

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huanqiuwang· 2017-09-05 09:35:13

is conducting a hydrogen bomb test for North Korea, and Taiwan's regional leader Cai Yingwen is holding an emergency summit". Prior to this, she also threatened to cooperate with the international community sanctions against North korea. The media said, "in North Korea (DPRK) crisis on Taiwan is simply nothing stupid ideas, want to let the world see Taiwan in North Korea, there is no self-knowledge".

, according to Taiwan's "China Times" 4 reported that North Korea 3 days after the explosion of hydrogen bombs, Cai Yingwen in the afternoon to convene the "national security conference", the time is 70 minutes.

she made 4 directions of

in the latest development, continue to pay close attention to the situation of the anticipation possible situation, and make evaluation of preparedness, continue to maintain close contact with relevant countries and regions, and complete grasp of the important information exchange;

ensure Taiwan internal stability;

timely release of the correct

government information; condemns any destruction of regional peace and stability, "will continue to cooperate with the international community to act together to help maintain regional stability and order".

had attended the 2017 Asia Pacific security dialogue in August when Cai Yingwen said, "Taiwan international community as a responsible molecule, has assisted in the economic sanctions against North Korea, the government is against money laundering and to strengthen the freight issues such as North Korea the investigation and settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue brings unrest together in a cooperative manner".

the DPP legislators Wang Dingyu 4, also said that North Korea this test has great influence on all aspects of Taiwan, if the cause of regional tensions, Taiwan transport, shipping, insurance and other costs will increase, may affect the export competitiveness, but the United States will think through Chinese, to influence North Korea the possibility of more and more low, "this may reduce the chance of Taiwan has been betrayed by the United States, is a good thing for the foreign affairs of Taiwan".

Taiwan and North Korea has no official diplomatic relations, there is no other in the mutual establishment of representative institutions, related matters on North Korea by the representatives of Taipei and singapore. Taiwan's foreign trade association has planned to set up a stronghold in North Korea to promote bilateral trade, which has not been realized because of objective circumstances. However, exchanges and contacts still exist in the civil, industrial, commercial and tourism sectors.

2008 in Taiwan, the first group to participate in the "Pyongyang International Commodities Fair", was the second largest exhibitors at that time, and once caused concern of the American Association in taiwan. The beginning of this century, tourism of Taiwan Huaxin aviation also has offered to Pyongyang charter flights, but later grounded, for unknown reasons, the two sides have no direct flights to Taiwan, North Korea, Beijing, or Shanghai in general to go through Shenyang.

Pyongyang International Commodities Fair in

2016, North Korea is the 132nd largest trade partner of Taiwan, the 106th largest import partner and the 190th largest export partner. Taiwan exports $560 thousand to the DPRK and imports $12 million 140 thousand from North korea. In addition, the Taiwan Power Co had to put nuclear waste shipped to North Korea, the two sides once reached a consensus; but afterwards due to political factors, then. Prior to this, Taiwan also formulated a list of sensitive goods exported to North Korea and Iran, and 398 items were prohibited from exporting. An article by

, a joint news network, says it is no news that Taiwan has been trying to "mix up" on any international issue. The North Korea crisis, which was closely dealt with by China and the United States and other countries, made it very foolish for Taiwan to speak through its leaders and again "brush the sense of existence" in an attempt to "see the world in Taiwan" during the crisis. The review said, in 50s the outbreak of the Korean War, Jiang Jieshi has been active power please us president Truman, Taiwan sent two divisions to make war, this attempt to counterattack against the mainland, "the idea immediately rejected by the United states. In 1991, the Gulf War, Taiwan offered to donate $200 million, the United States still declined.

2004, the American invasion of Iraq war, pro Taiwan members proposed to send 35 thousand Taiwan Marines to Iraq to assist the U.S. military to "Taiwan Corps combat troops will drag on the grounds declined. The article asked, "now what is the name of Taiwan intervention in the North Korean crisis?" Taiwan has been excluded from the mainstream of international intelligence exchange, and even the international terrorist list has to be won by the United States and Singapore. "What is the strength of Taiwan to get seats in the game of big powers?" Even which big country has air traffic control, is Taiwan seen by the world? North Korea's crisis is not the international sporting events, waiting for the cooling is not available, Taiwan into the mix, it is for the international community to add more trouble? "

, in addition, Taiwan has supported the U.S. Army in Iraq in logistical support, and as much as Japan has contributed, but Taiwan has not only received no gains, but has been targeted by international terrorist organizations. The same is true of North Korea. Neither strategy nor tactics can please any party. It will even affect Taiwan's security. "Is the intervention aimed at letting North Korea include Taiwan as a target?" "The article bluntly, Taiwan should do is behave properly, play their roles, straighten out the internal, North Korea, or do not think so much.

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