The nurse bolted the hospital with her newborn baby!

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chutiandoushibaoweixin· 2017-09-05 09:35:19

a few days ago, a video of fire!

, a nurse in Zhejiang, Zhuji, runs through the corridors of the hospital with her newborn baby in her hospital corridor.

net is a 17 year old mother, who in the toilet in the child, he wanted to drown, the toilet next door who discovered …

". Come! Don't guess who the

Zhuji City confirmed that the video was shot in the hospital. The running of the nurse

video called Chen Yanan, is a nurse who long.

from the hospital to understand the situation is this: the

pregnant women from Henan Mei (a pseudonym), accompanied by her boyfriend's brother, to the city of Zhuji who.

went to the hospital and her boyfriend's brother went in line to register. Wait, have 38 weeks of pregnancy of the United States went to the toilet, the son in the toilet.

gave birth to the child's small beauty fainted in the toilet, and the child fell in the urinal.

happened to be on the toilet, found a small beauty, and hastened to inform the doctor.

because the child was drowned in the urinal, and his life was in danger, so Chen's head nurse, Liu Xiang for a while, picked up the baby and ran away.

so it wasn't posted online. "Mom wants to drown the baby."." You can watch a

powder ~

thanks to the timely rescue, the child is now out of danger, but because of the low temperature, now still in icu. The woman has woken up and is recuperating in the ward.

users how to say

you pass the time: envy this pregnancy when nothing, no birth, still birth, born so smoothly

Niu Du: 16 year old pregnant???!!! However, I have 23 of the size of the group has not been in the object,

z, Zhang Rong, Zhangrong: good envy, this kind of raw baby born fast, not very painful,

buy: I twenty-six only when the mother! I feel old!

weeks off _: he sprinkled the nurse!

Tan Tantan: why is it so easy to splinters was born, my pain 16 hours to eat soil masses: in fact,

children really good pain, faint really is normal.

old shoes: love dearly innocent children. Underage sex education has yet to improve.

nickname long remember: others can only hope the baby healthy happy growth

Zhao Guangwang: people are so simple a child I can find a way to object

don't grab me Luban No. seven: terrible.. I have 20, even a love never talked

lililizizii: Mom, 16 year old sophomore, told me the same old

16 himself was a child. Although a sigh, but they still wish!

source: Hangzhou traffic 91.8, comprehensive rule of law, site NBS, Zhuji daily, love Zhuji, Sina, micro-blog and other

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