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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-09-05 10:37:10

according to foreign media reports, the day before Tesla announced price cuts for several top and high performance models. Model S and Model X 100D models cut prices of $3500 (about 23 thousand yuan), high-performance P100D price cuts even more, a drop of 5000 U. S. dollars (about 33 thousand yuan).

Tesla, reduce battery production costs 100 kwh, is associated with the consumer price. In fact, the price adjustment just returned to April this year before the price increases slightly price level, but the current vehicle configuration and function more.

also applies to new 100 kilowatt hour battery vehicles that have not yet been delivered. The following is the adjusted price:

Model S $100D:94000 (about 620 thousand yuan)

Model S $P100D:135000 (about 890 thousand yuan)

Model X $100D:96000 (about 630 thousand yuan)

Model X $p100D:140000 (about 920 thousand yuan) of

earlier this year, Tesla for several entry-level price models. April, Tesla Model S60 discontinued, Model S75 models to become a new generation of entry-level models, the benchmark price down 7500 U.S. dollars (about 49 thousand yuan). At the beginning of August, Tesla also reduced Model X crossover 75D models of the price, the price of $3000 (about 20 thousand yuan).

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