"Jumping maternal" family: no refusal to laparotomy

Doctor jumped from a building died in Yulin

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8 31 July 20 pm, Shaanxi Suide Yulin First Hospital hospital inpatient floor 5, a pregnant women died after falling from upstairs. In September 3rd, Suide Yulin First Hospital hospital issued a statement saying, "women (MA) during production, because of pain, irritability, repeatedly forced to leave the labour room, to the family requested cesarean section, the doctor in charge, midwives, director of cesarean section also put forward advice to the families were refused. Eventually, the woman suffered from uncontrollable pain and led to a runaway mood. Medical personnel were rescued in a timely manner, but because of excessive injury, rescue invalid. "The statement also said that the basic reason for maternal deaths from jumping off the hospital has nothing to do with the diagnosis and treatment.

9 5 in the morning, the reporter linked to the fall dead husband Mr. Ma maternal extension, for the hospital issued a statement, said he is not recognized. "Mr.

told reporters," my wife was in pain two times and came out and said, 'it hurts so badly.'. The first time is around 17, and the second is around 18. She came out and shouted the pain. The two time, I took the initiative and told the doctor that if she had any pain, we would have a caesarean section. Other clinical mothers can prove that I said that. But the doctor replied, "after the examination, the mother is all right, she is about to have a baby and she doesn't have to have a caesarean section.". "Mr. Yan told reporters," "Caesarean section, we will not agree.". After that, I was in a hurry, and I called a friend of the hospital and asked him to see a familiar doctor for caesarean section. After the call, the nurse came out and said my wife was missing. "Mr. Yan said, after the incident, the hospital did not come forward to give any explanation. "According to my wife's character, there's no such drastic reaction. "

< /p>9 5 in the morning, reporters repeatedly call the Shaanxi Yulin First Hospital of Suide School District, but not yet received a reply.

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