Women's station to feed the child, male passengers scolded: shameless!

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heituyingxiang· 2017-09-05 10:43:45

a lot with the baby his mother, often want to breastfeed in the waiting hall, embarrassed, but can not find a convenient place. Last night at 10, the author in the northern city of Anhui railway station waiting room and other cars, found several minority dress up women with children in waiting, they almost everyone with a baby. After chatting, I learned that they are working locally, because the construction site can only take the children back to their hometown of Liangshan.

" with child passengers very hard, they should be specifically set for passenger station waiting room mother, this is the service of humanity, there should be a warm environment, good facilities, and thoughtful service. The picture shows a mother holding her baby in public so that she can overcome the embarrassment.

"was not ashamed, when a face up so many people dress baby. "One male passenger grumbled," a female passenger next door countered, "you didn't have any milk when you were a child?" "Immediately, the waiting room was full of gunpowder. Unfortunately, the author in this waiting room observation for a long time, did not find for the mother and child set up the waiting room, they can only breast feed in public.

" in the society today, more encourage mothers to personally give babies, more and more mothers also received a call. But there are still embarrassing moments when breastfeeding is pervasive and sometimes breastfeeding in public. No, that's embarrassing for them in the waiting room. "There is no waiting room for mother and baby in the waiting room. We can't help it. Who doesn't want to escape?"! "One mother said with great helplessness.

"once out of milk powder in the bag is not good to take the children, not stop crying, so I will unlock a coat for your baby, feeding a little guy down immediately. So I will continue to feed, but not long after a male passenger sitting on the edge of the waiting age big came, tough tone said to me: This is the waiting room, is the public, please pay attention to your behavior, you also shameless ah … … then, after hearing immediately blush that is, he has done the same. "Next to a mother said," full children are no longer crying. What do you think about breastfeeding in public places, dear mothers?

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Women's station to feed the child, male passengers scolded: shameless!