Why did the air force send nearly 7000 people at once?

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zhengzhiju· 2017-09-05 10:43:58

major universities, secondary schools through the summer enrollment, admission, entered September, ushered in the school season.

but for the freshmen, the first thing most people wait for is not the new stage of study, but military training.

9 4 March "China defense newspaper" published on the front page entitled "Air Force issued a unified force students to undertake military training mission" the article pointed out that the plan sent for training personnel more than 6800 people, 420 thousand students in 386 colleges and universities undertake the task of military training.

" in particular, political knowledge (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that the article before hanging up "to celebrate the nineteen" column head, and pointed out in the article, "this is the air force to take practical action to celebrate the nineteen a move. "

military training, is regarded as a move to the nineteen big gifts.". Politics knows gentleman, there are some doorways.

and the military compound "welcomes nineteen"

say this is because along with this article with the same name bar head, are not common people "". We feel the army in front page "celebrate the nineteen"

9 2, "National University of Defense Technology newspaper published on the front page of independent research and development of 10 micro Nawei star space". The article pointed out that the party's "Nineteen big" occasion, National University of Defense Technology, "star Graduate Innovative Base" every day to the independent research and development of "national defense division big cube" for the two time measurement and control. The star, a satellite in the European Union's QB50 program, was recently launched into orbit.

9" on Sept. 4, newspaper published a front page "to keep in mind the mission in fighting positions to carry a bear". In this paper, the morning of September 2nd, with the last echelon Trinidad delivery arrived Zhu and, in "crossing -2017 - Zhurihe training base of the northern army in a synthetic brigade, relying on air transitions, rail transport and motorized entered a variety of ways arrived in the assembly area. "This is the first time that the army has organized a training base for the synthesis brigade after reshaping and restructuring the army. "


and these" celebrate the nineteen "compared to military training seems commonplace. However, take a look at this set of data, perhaps we can understand the heavy and complex military training.

data show that as of 2016, the country every year there are nearly 20 million students in more than 2000 colleges, 21 thousand high schools (including college students, high school students about 7 million about 13 million) to receive military training, if according to 1: 50 ratio of military training to help with training officers and soldiers, every year to 400 thousand people, only to protect the universities also need to send all kinds of training for about 140 thousand people.

", but with the expansion of university enrollment, but chose to streamline the preparation of troops on the road, a minus, "go" in front of the dilemma.

in addition, from 2013, the army conscription changed from winter to summer and fall, and the training time of recruits coincided with the training time of students. In September 8, and coincided with the critical period of training and tactical exercises, military sources said: "every year at this time, local colleges training returns more like snow, but now the army to participate in exercises, training, training for bearing unit of small. "When he attended the university military training several years ago, he met the instructor who worked as a artillery and was transferred in the middle of the course to participate in the exercises.

illegal bearing training violent tragedy

face enough dilemma, some colleges and universities in favour of emergency but illegal "heresy".

last year, a "refuse to do 1000 push ups, boys were instructors kicking crack testicles" social news attracted widespread attention. Reported that, Guangxi Yulin first vocational secondary school organization of new military training, Chen because the action is not standardized, was teacher Liang request to do 1000 push ups to show punishment. Chen and the teacher explained that after being slapped by Liang, knees hit the Yin, the hospital after the diagnosis of testicular tear, left ear bleeding.

said in the text, the matter caused Chen psychological and physical double trauma. At the same time, the anger of public opinion directed at the hit Liang, but also reflects the military training system, and even on the training unit.

but what about the facts?

after investigation and verification, the military media subsequently published clarification article to restore the truth.

according to the rules of procedure, the school organization of military training, military training must advance the work plan and the administrative department of education to the jurisdiction of the people's Armed Forces Department approval for the record, and by the people's armed forces assigned to the relevant personnel for training and coordination. The event in Guangxi Yulin first secondary occupation, but not to the school report, in the area where the military service organs and the Department of Education approval, filing the case, independent contact and hire a local training company for the freshmen military training, training personnel and forces to not adversely affect the military training.

in fact, the negative reports about military training are far more than this one. The school for the illegal "worst, the side also confirmed the lack of staff training for objective problems. "China National Defense daily" has pointed out that many schools will be reluctant to spend money to hire social training force, the establishment of local military training companies and other phenomena have emerged, "training personnel" variety".

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