Aunt pancakes on a monthly income of 30 thousand: at 2 a.m.

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pancake stalls aunt words attracted workers a little

can really sell pancakes, a monthly income of 30 thousand?

"my monthly income of 30 thousand, how would you less of an egg! "Beijing, a pancake stand aunt and customer disputes when blurted out a remark, let the pancake aunt popular.

a monthly income of 30 thousand! For a time, people can not help but sigh, it makes the office of the white-collar workers very embarrassed. Is the pancake industry really making money? In this regard, the reporter conducted interviews.

", "pancake fruit". (map) photo agency issued Jia Guorong


pancakes "5 points earned more money is"

every morning, the Tongzhou subway from the northeast of the orchard, Liu and his wife will be on time to sell breakfast here, Liu porridge and pastry, his wife special pancakes. For this meal for breakfast, two people at two in the morning to get up. The preparations didn't end until half past four, and then the two men didn't dare to delay and rode the electric car to the subway.

will pour the batter in the grains on the griddle with tools, then a turn, hit an egg pancake, after forming, plus water, sprinkle with chopped green onion and coriander, finally add pepper and sauce, less than a minute, a pancake will be accomplished. Liu's wife said, every morning she would repeat this action two hundred times, that is to say to sell nearly two hundred copies of her pancakes every morning, "we are selling at five in the morning to half past nine, if the time is longer, can sell more. "

heard of a monthly income of 30 thousand pancake Boyle Story, Liu's wife was not surprised, she said, the large flow of people, selling a long time, is entirely possible, but it depends on the net income or gross income. The reporter asked her how much her monthly income could be, and she didn't give a definite figure. "It's hard money to earn more.". Orchard this subway mouth flow is not particularly large, but there is no way, then it is divided into this mouth, we are to pay the money, so every day dare not rest, also on the new year's day off, the first two days of the two days. "With his wife sold for more than six years old pancake, there are also some summary. He said, the summer tourists business will be more, some winter than in summer is better than a business, because we are in love like winter.

Liu told reporters, because he always get up early, there is a time to feel unwell, go to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine advised him to change a job, Liu said with a wry smile, he and his wife will also make pancakes and congee, so insisted on doing it.

"to say that a monthly income of 30 thousand, I really believe that I have observed a pancake stall near the nest, the flow of people more than the old estimate, earn a lot.

later, reporters for the old Liu forget about accounts, 6 yuan a pancake to sell, sell 200 a day, a month gross income is 36000 yuan, excluding the cost of pancakes and the booth fee, the net income is very considerable.

Guijie pancake shop monthly income of several million

recently, the reporter also visited the ginger queen pancake shop, found the brand name and location are two key factors that influence the monthly income of pancakes.

"Ginger Queen", this name listens to despot. "Ginger queen pancake shop founder Miss Jia said, twenty years ago, she came home from Hebei to Beijing, alone open a pancake stall. At that time, riding a tricycle, selling 2 yuan a pancake, can sell three hundred or four hundred per day. She gradually worked with sauce recipe, unique experience, registered trademark and brand pancakes, open stores.

"you join in, and you'll be back in a month, because there's a flow of brands.". "Miss Jia said, franchise small investment, low risk, so many pancake shops are joining chain stores. In addition to the brand, the site is also important. Miss Jia said, as ginger queen pancake shop, shop Guijie monthly income of 80 thousand yuan, while hiding in the city store delicacy monthly income of less than half the Guijie shop.

supermarket pancake booth

monthly gross income of about 20 thousand yuan,

reporter also visited the supermarket pancake stand. Reporters saw, a Lotte supermarket pancake stalls business is not so prosperous. Mr. Chen, the staff member, said that most of the people who came to visit were office workers in the vicinity, and the business was brisk during the workday. Although there are fixed source, but stalls can only sell about 100 pancakes a day, according to the average price of 7 yuan count, booth monthly gross income of about 20 thousand yuan. Chen said, because of relatively small passenger flow, their working hours are relatively free, "I am responsible for noon and evening two time periods, the afternoon would like to leave."". A monthly salary of 5000 yuan, he joked is "low-income people."". At present, he plans to open their own pancake stalls, "although a little hard, but the boss is better than work.". As long as you're interested, try to find it. (reporter Intern Wu Yingxin)

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Aunt pancakes on a monthly income of 30 thousand: at 2 a.m.


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