Sales cover plate sales, but also received "thank you fee", was arrested

Shanghai real estate suspects house prices

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days ago, Shanghai police after careful investigation, the arrest of three cover Xishou sales, and criminal detention according to law.

Shanghai: three real estate sales listings profit jingfangxingju secret

some time ago, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Fengxian received a domestic real estate development company commissioned a lawyer to report, said the company in the real estate development regular customer visits, found that housing sales the team of buyers suspected of fraud.

" customers want to buy a house, real estate sales team said the supply tension, there is no room, on the other hand it privately to contact customers, as long as the pay, there is real.

Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Fengxian police Zhou Feng said: "our sales staff through account search, found the sales staff of the above account, including his relatives account, there will be a lot of money."

" after a police investigation, found that the real estate sales director Kim, manager mengmou, sales leader Zhang three major suspects. From the beginning of May last year, the three men see Shanghai prices soaring, felt profitable, so the use of the hands of their own identity and the right to cover Xishou, telling the company pulled dozens of houses.

"consumers to real estate sales office, he said the house is not, then buyers to go, a man came up and said we are here there are a number of houses, he said that as long as you pay the fare of 100 thousand or 200 thousand." Zhou Feng says.

suspects said: "the leadership or director and all of us said," now all the houses are not allowed to sell, "said to sell, must increase in order to sell."."

"plus" is the suspect privately suggested to clients, in addition to the purchase of housing for extra fee". To each property buyers receive 100 thousand to 200 thousand benefits, before the incident, three people received a total of 5 million yuan of benefits.

recently, the police were in Shanghai, Pudong, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Kunshan three successfully captured criminal suspects Kim, Meng, Zhang, three people. Upon trial, the three men confessed the facts of the crime. At present, three people on suspicion of non state staff bribery was detained in accordance with the law. The case is still under further investigation.

, edited by Tang Yawen,

source: CCTV Finance (micro signal: cctvyscj)

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