Head teacher reminded: these 10 types of children, grades never go! (enclosing the solution)

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daerduoyingyu· 2017-09-06 05:55:09

" there are a lot of children to study hard every day, stay up late, brush, did not fall, but a test score, but there is a downward trend. What's the reason then?

below is a senior class teacher, summed up the reasons for the 10 grades can not go up, respectively, corresponding to the 10 types of children, to see what your family belongs to the child


children learning we have been studying hard but the effect is not obvious, invalid is a chronic problem in learning. Many students spend a lot of time on study, but their learning effect is not good. It seems that the level of study effort is not directly proportional to the effect of study.

, this phenomenon is not a long time to solve, slowly will make originally hard-working students gradually lose confidence in yourself, lose interest in learning, rebellious, in the course of time from "not" become "no love" or "weariness".

in fact, the real impact of learning efficiency and learning is not the length of time, a large part is missing for long, medium and short term learning plans for the weekend, the lack of sophisticated management of learning time, even because it is not good at rest, while the rest will not lead to inefficiency.

is accustomed to mechanical memory, and does not pay attention to the understanding and internalization of knowledge. A lot of outside spending, but the test scores always suspended in midair.


plan, learning blind and aimless, no detailed planning, to think of what to do, which is to learn what interest to the study, no do not learn, want to learn what is what, no plan.

no way, will not arrange the time, will not use the prime time, will not be reasonable allocation of time, do not know how to work and rest, resulting in excessive learning ineffective labor.


plans to make the learning objectives clear, rule-based learning time. Master the method, grasp the golden time of study, use the time reasonably and efficiently, and use effective time to study effectively. Formation rules, fixed learning time, work and rest, high returns.


children have fun fun learning does not love learning how to do? To learn to maintain three minutes of heat, difficult to maintain lasting enthusiasm, for example, have their own learning content of interest, easy, he is not interested in momentum; encountered and difficult content, immediately lost patience.

so many parents complained: my children than other children is not stupid, patience, cop-out always give up halfway.


love to do little tricks, such as shaking legs, pencil, lack of endurance and perseverance, can not stop writing learning has inertia, lack of self control.

parents dote on their children, children wayward and playful, will not exercise from childhood, fear of hardship in learning, always hope to opportunistic, shortcut, lack of self-control, easily disturbed by external factors.

sets up a study example, shapes learning models, interest teaching, develops enthusiasm for learning, creates difficult situations, and trains persistent study attitude in the process of sharpening. How do

be negligent child is very clever but learning is to be negligent,? Some parents often say: my child is very clever, either, but a little careless.

carelessness is not the proper attitude to learn. There are many students who are careless and careless and miss the ideal school by 1 points. Carelessness is, in the final analysis, a habit forming problem.

if you do not develop good study habits, the exam was a tense, careless and careless problems have been upgraded, of course, the examination scores are greatly affected. Even the clever children lose their grades because of carelessness, which affects their academic records.

writing, doing exercises and reading horse, do things carelessly. The usual homework is not serious, often do not make a big mistake, a mistake, exam anxiety impatience, often leakage problem, do wrong, do not have the plan, often while learning, while thinking about other things.

lack of interest, resulting in inattention, lack of patience, poor self-control, loose thinking, thinking leaps, the attitude of learning is not correct, lack of sense of responsibility.

to stimulate interest in learning, learning in a happy atmosphere, customized learning plan, reasonable arrangements for study and rest, special attention training, training carefully study habits, correct attitude towards learning, enhance their sense of responsibility.

, partial partial branch children how to help him? A door or a few courses particularly good or average, while the rest of the schoolwork particularly poor or poor, this situation can be called "partial branch".

in fact, partial division is also a normal phenomenon, not terrible, the students are interested in different courses, the input of different energy, the results of various subjects inevitably difference. Once this difference is relatively large, it is recognized that it has become biased. The peak occurrence of

bias appears in junior high school, which is specific to junior high school students

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