The eight most famous truck in Minsk automobile factory

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MAZ, the abbreviation of the Minsk Auto Zavod (), is also the name of this super truck.

1954, Minsk automobile factory was established, mainly the production of ordinary trucks, but really make them famous super truck. Equipped with a helicopter turbine engine, 12 fully driven chassis capable of overcoming any harsh road surface. It was the most important heavy truck in the Soviet Union, and it was also a platform for the delivery and launching of Soviet heavy weapons.

the iron curtain of Soviet science fiction all terrain vehicle

" this is the first attempt in Minsk special truck, tractor MAZ-528. It has been upgraded many times, and the final product is cool: can go through the swamp, steep slope. Use the same mechanical device, or a bulldozer felling ditch.

1956, and on the basis of the MAZ-528 tractor, the Minsk automobile factory decided to build a truck. This is the first experimental prototype that combines tractors and trucks and uses tractor power systems. MAZ-529 was born like this.

MAZ-529 trailers can be replaced for different uses. It has a very strong pass, beyond the expectations of all the designers.

, the Soviet Union soon noticed the new products of the Minsk automobile factory, so they were asked to customize a cross-country truck. MAZ-535 came into being, the car using 8× 8 chassis, plans for traction guns.

", the Soviet army never used equipment, so excellent performance of the truck, how will be used to pull artillery? MAZ-535 has become the most important weapon of the Soviet tractor - - surface to surface missile.

MAZ-535" is a very advanced truck, equipped with a semi automatic gearbox, hydraulic steering device, and automatic tire inflation system etc.. These were never equipped before by Soviet trucks.

MAZ-535 off-road ability, superior, can directly cross the 1.3 meter deep river, and climb the steep hill. In its view, 30°'s steep slope is no problem at all.

automobile plant in Minsk from 1958 to 1964, six years after the production of MAZ-535, it transferred to the Kurgan machinery manufacturing factory. There is a lamp production MAZ-535 in front of the Kurgan, known as the "cyclops".

", MAZ-535, which was upgraded on the basis of MAZ-537, has been produced until 1989, and the Soviet Union began to disintegrate.

", with the ballistic missile equipment, the Soviet army needs a vehicle that can carry and launch such weapons. They found the Minsk automobile factory again, so MAZ-543 was born. The classic model also uses 8× 8 chassis, equipped with a V12 engine, displacement of up to 38.8 liters, power of 525 horsepower.

1962, the first MAZ-543 drove down the production line. It was not until 1965 that MAZ-543 made his first appearance on the Red Square parade.

" and even some MAZ-543 was converted into a fire truck, imagine driving a ballistic missile carrier car into a fire truck, how the air. Thanks to the V12 engine equipped with this truck, it can carry 20 tons of load, drag 25 tons of trailers and drive at 60 kilometers per hour.

MAZ-543" played a huge role in the Soviet Union, and became the radar vehicle of the air defense missile system.

, as the volume and weight of the missile increased, the six axle MAZ-547 truck came into being.

MAZ-547" production began in 1970 and ended in 1984. It is also equipped with a V12 engine, but its displacement is relatively small - "only" 25 liters, but because of the advanced technology, the power does not fall, rise to 650 horsepower.

MAZ-547 is 16 metres long, 27 tons of weight, but did not prevent it with excellent off-road capability. It can carry 62 tons of missiles at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

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