Shuai! German special forces Mali mission

Special forces military pickup helicopter

hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-09-06 07:02:01

, this is a group of photos taken by German photographer Jonas Weber.

" in the German special forces captured in the real side, the army is part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali multidimensional integrated. The army is equipped with a NH-90 multipurpose helicopter capable of performing multiple missions. Upon receiving an emergency takeoff, the German soldiers boarded the NH-90 and were ready to go.

, and there are two military doctors on the helicopter, which can provide emergency treatment for the wounded soldiers.

" note the name of German military police, his G36 rifle has been modified, the replacement of the new stock, increase the Picatinny rail support beam. A special mention to disappeared, instead of the Picatinny rails, arranged in series the reflector sight and the movable mirror four times.

" the soldier G36 handguard replaced the pattern of MG36, equipped with two folding tripod, the waist is the heckler Koch pistol.

1997, 5.56× 45mm's G36 rifle replaced "7.62×"; "51mm" G3 rifle.

" in the next few years, G36 will be replaced by the new rifle, and the next generation of rifle is also the national military enthusiasts concerned.

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Shuai! German special forces Mali mission

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