Russian media: Russia or anti missile system to respond to Sade, and China closer

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-09-06 07:02:06

data figure: Russian S-400 air defense system

Reference News Network reported on September 6th Russian media said, experts believe that Russia may in its border build from the anti missile system has to deal with the deployment of Sade anti missile system, and China in the military field closer.

according to the Russian economic news agency website reported today in September 4th, South Korea had deployed "Sade" system to reach an agreement, the first purpose is to intercept North Korean ballistic missiles, which caused China and Russia's concerns and negative reaction, because of the threat to the strategic balance in the whole area.

, Vice Minister of foreign affairs of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, said that if the "Sade" system appears near the Russian border, the possibility of military response is not ruled out. "If things are going at this alarming rate, we might at some point be able to raise questions about military responses to create some sort of balance,"

said. I don't want to predict anything, but I can't get out of the background and understand things like this or that. "

he also said:" "Sade" is a decline in outer space to intercept missile warhead system, it can be easily built powerful remote anti missile system, which is part of the integrated anti missile system. "The

study of Russian Strategic Information Center Deputy Director Sergei Yermakov analysis said that Russia is indeed on the tensions in the region concerned, the problem is not to tell who is right and who is wrong, but in a peaceful solution. "Clearly, armed conflicts near the Russian border are bad for us, let alone the use of nuclear weapons," said

. We are also opposed to the United States' significant increase in military presence in the region on the basis of the current situation, and to turn allies into hostages - I mean, first of all, South korea. Dmitri Solonikov, director of the

Institute for contemporary national development, believes that Seoul is now facing a dilemma. The new president Wen zaiyin to the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula, and promote diplomatic ties in North Korea, reduce the dependence on the United states.

, the expert said: "but Pyongyang's recent actions have not given Seoul the chance to abandon the antimissile system.". Seoul knows that the tensions will make South Korea to become the first target, it will have to deal with this threat. "

, as for Russia's military countermeasures," Ryabkov said, Moscow will closely follow the situation after the conclusion and decision, if necessary, we will also set up anti missile system. "We have experience in building such systems and are stronger than the United States," Ye M Markoff said. "

, China or Russia will be closer in diplomacy. Solo Nikov said: "the United States deployed anti missile system in Korea will lead to strengthening military cooperation between China and Russia, because China is the main opponent of the" Sade "system. "

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