Trump push: Japan and South Korea can buy more sophisticated weapons from the United States

Trump weapons Japan and South Korea sophisticated

tengxunjunshi· 2017-09-06 07:02:07

data figure: US South Korea military exercises

local time on September 5th, U.S. President Barack Trump on social media that Japan and South Korea can be purchased from the United States more sophisticated weapons. (CCTV reporter Cui Lingnan)

reported earlier: the White House said Trump to Wen zaiyin promises huge sales

[global network reported intern reporter Li Tingting] according to Yonhap News reported on September 5th, the White House said on the 1 day in the Korea US summit talks on the phone after the press release, the United States President Trump and South Korean President Wen zaiyin agreed to call when the United States South Korea to buy billions of dollars worth of military equipment. In response, the South Korean presidential palace, Chong Wa Dae spokesman Pu Zhuxian said that the White House statement means that Korea and the United States reached an agreement in principle, that is, began to negotiate to help South Korea to introduce advanced weapons and technology.

White House released a press release, said the two leaders agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of defense, deepen bilateral alliances, improve defense capability in South korea.

Pu Zhuxian said that the leaders of the two countries to build on the early Han Jun three stage counter nuclear system (kill chain, South Korea's missile defense system and large-scale combat take revenge plan) to reach a consensus, and agreed to continue to strengthen cooperation in relevant fields.

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