We are waiting for Japan to reflect on what Japan is waiting for

Japan war America conquest

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for more than 70 years ago, brother said that the war of aggression against China, Japan is not apologized, in fact more than prime minister has published an apology speech, but the problem in this apology is often short-lived, once the political climate change. Immediately betray. From this point of view we can see that the apology is for some purpose, not a real reflection.

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1945 August 15th, when the Japanese Emperor Yu Ren announced Japan unconditional surrender. This day in Japan known as the "war dead Memorial prayer peace day, mourning the victims of war but not the Japanese war dead", the Japanese government and the media referred to this day as the end of the war days, not defeat japan". As for Japan's various acts, such as tampering with history textbooks and visiting Yasukuni Shrine, it also shows that in Japan, it is not a minority that is unwilling to fail, does not admit aggression, and does not reflect on war. The "Repetition" of a small number of Japanese politicians is precisely the manifestation of the Japanese public mentality.

war, for whatever purpose, it is full of death and destruction of war, the reflection is not to highlight the glory of victory, but in order to avoid a repeat, reduce.

, a long documentary film twenty-two, recorded China's surviving "comfort women", a commentary saying: "they're waiting for an apology from Japan, and Japan is waiting for their deaths.". However, if we look carefully will find Japanese for WWII atrocities is not taken, waiting for the history of silence down attitude, but sophistry, boycott, forbear waiting for vengeance.

"the chrysanthemum and the sword" said: "the eternal theme of Japanese history is the story of revenge: one is to you to make a mistake but he did not make mistakes of retaliation; the other is to avenge an insult to their people, even if the other is his monarch … … there are only two choices: one is to take this insult as a spur, motivate yourself to do" impossible "; another is to continue on this insult grudge, so as to accomplish nothing. "

is not difficult to find that Japan has been in a" take this insult as spur of the state, for the defeat of this thing, not for introspection and repentance, but all deny and distort and sacrifice, only that Japanese heart is still ready to.

yes, the Japanese are waiting for revenge.

" Japanese conflict and fear

once told Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Japanese Studies of a friend to chat, casually mentioned: "in contradiction with the international process can become moderate? "That friend smiled a little:" China and Japan can only leave one at last. "

was very surprised at him," he said. "Because of the Japanese fear of China, you can't imagine the fear of a huge monster sleeping beside you. "

I thought, then suddenly, especially when he suddenly found around the" huge monster "in fact they can successfully overcome … &hellip

; we have always thought that Japanese arrogant, look down on Chinese, but few people realize that, in fear of japan. The

20 century since 80s, European classical scholars of ancient Rome war launched a fierce discussion, finally, the psychological and political and economic interests to honor three party work together, is accepted by most people.

to Chinese this "huge monster" fear, for Chinese rich resources for the interests of greed, humiliation and glory 70 years before the war, have decided the specter of war has been hidden in the history of the slot, at any time will be the real intention comes in the end.

the "mass graves" buried the bones of countless

" why Chinese most hate Japanese? The history of the

, and Chinese had many conflicts and war in the country, but there was never any country like Japan to move Chinese mood, why?

perhaps the answer is somewhat unsatisfactory: first, in World War II, we did not really and thoroughly defeat or defeat japan. Two, because after the end of World War II, for a long period of time, Japan is very strong, China has no way to take him.

used to see it and couldn't get rid of it. One of the sources of

's anger and hatred is helplessness. Otherwise, to vent anger can form, and then a sentence "I never, what is the hatred on the spot report of" hatred will gradually fade. Before

in Chinese completely conquered Japan, Chinese of Japan's hostility and hatred will not weaken, but with social development, perhaps irrational emotions and actions will be less and less, anger is meaningless without strength; then with the strength of what hatred of what is good at complaining, on the spot.

", "kill the sun flag", how did the United States conquer Japan?

, if Eisenhower is available now

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