These 6 universities in China do not have tuition fees. They are paid in school and graduated with an annual salary of one hundred thousand

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college school season with a look into the military college student welfare

" Chinese army development cannot do without major military colleges China of military personnel, military school is the most special of all university. Its specialty lies not only in the militarization of the school, but also in the strict demands on the physical quality of the examinees. To be admitted to the military academy is the dream of many candidates. Although the military school hard, but the treatment is also unmatched by all universities, the military academy does not require tuition fees, schools each month will send "wages", after graduation work is not to worry about.

" now many military are ahead of this, oh

the Second Artillery Engineering Institute

Second Artillery engineering school generally refers to the people's Liberation Army in the Chinese Rocket Engineering University, located in China's Xi'an City, is China's only strategic missile forces training command personnel of higher military college, and the school principal is major general level military commanders. Can be admitted to the Chinese people's Liberation Army Rocket Engineering University, the employment of graduation worry, not only work assured, and welfare benefits are not generally good.

" China The PLA Information Engineering University is China's strategic support units directly under the comprehensive national military colleges, are military establishment. School motto is seeking truth, innovation and dedication.

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