United States aircraft carrier with female soldiers, originally for the sake of men's soldiers

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" is the female carrier in the United States is relatively the most concentrated areas, with the Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier as an example, there are about 5500 of the crew of the ship discharged more than 100 thousand tons of water on the aircraft carrier, which accounted for women the proportion is about 11%, about 600 women serving in this ship is said.

aircraft heavy machine gun is fixed, when shooting soldiers do not have to bear the huge recoil, the thin body of women can do. The advantages of aircraft carrier female soldiers are obvious, and women's charm can also bring subtle influence to the team. Female work carefully, maintenance and repair aircraft can almost make men stand aside.

, they are female soldiers serving in the Afghan army, most of them from the United Kingdom and the United states. Because the weather is so hot, women can only wear a sling in the mosquito net for lunch.

, the conditions are very difficult, they have no mirror, with years of feel for their own hair.

, they will also dress up when they are off. The rest of the time, they also like other girls, love watch TV

women sun wash clothing can do simple clothes outdoors.

, when resting, weapons can not be lost. Although chatting, but also has been carrying a gun of American women soldiers.

" are on patrol, although they will always be vigilant, but the expression is still very friendly.

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women with food and local Afghan women seem to be cordial exchange with what.

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United States aircraft carrier with female soldiers, originally for the sake...

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