Taiwan is when recruiting Facebook users: killing Taiwan fraud group


huanqiuwang· 2017-09-06 07:02:31

[Facebook recruiting global network comprehensive report] Taiwan on Facebook users are also recruiting, when fraud group, let Taiwan green media have shouted "bullshit"! According to Taiwan media reports, recently, the netizen surnamed Xie to complain that face book not open societies "(seek) Taichung dispatch network", a dedicated community of a message 29 last month, there appeared a long message sign turned out to be the volunteer soldiers, NCOs and officers. He questioned the army on Facebook, conscription "too pull", suspected fraud group.

reported that the issue of the recruitment to the man surnamed Chen asked that he due to recruitment performance pressure, only on the Facebook platform comes, the article referred to the work position is "volunteer soldiers / officers / sergeants", a monthly salary of 33625 yuan NT, 7 days off welfare, also called age 18 to 32 years old, in addition to the originator left contact telephone, also indicate the LINE can be added to contact friends.

post surnamed Chen claimed the army, Marines at left, and stressed: "I am not fraud!" he said, the army chief after seeing that Facebook's approach is wrong, he issued a document in the next day will delete the recruitment information. He said that during this period attracted a total of two inquiries telephone, mainly asked whether or not really recruiting soldiers, as well as understanding of the time to apply.

in this regard, Taiwan netizens have said "laughing", "Taiwan's largest fraud group is not said," it is a scam ah! Don't you! "," no need to write with the company to work overtime, no overtime, fraud "," Taiwan's largest fraud group on the line. "," will work overtime, have been reported".

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Taiwan is when recruiting Facebook users: killing Taiwan fraud group

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