Is it the carrier's fault? Twenty thousand tons, 071, no one cares

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" for the sixth ship yard 071 suspected

recently, the network exposure in a shipyard in China captured fifth ships 071 landing ship berth construction is the picture, and the 6 ship suspected there. As China's amphibious landing the main landing ship, with a displacement of 20000 tons of the 071 landing ship from the first ship to enter service until now fifth ships will be completed in the interval of time is not very long, and such a vessel under the dumplings or buns even under little attention, there are many in jokes and all this is the carrier's fault...

... In the landing operation, even if the raid of landing operations, but with the implementation of amphibious assault landing mode, can not avoid the bunkers and the enemy will stop positive forces and have been built for a battle, in the modern general capable of landing coastal and port will be equipped with guard troops more or less, and the port and the beach is also heavily guarded enemy location, if the attack will be the first time by request Aid, if is landing operations must be fast and sudden quick control of maritime port, and the 071 type landing ship is China Navy amphibious landing forces to respond to modern warfare, specifically for landing operations designed Chinese new landing ship.

for ship 5 ship

071 type landing ship can be used as a landing craft or amphibious tank carrier, also when to deliver supplies, weapons, armored personnel and equipment of the ship, while large deck has landing capability large helicopter and VTOL fighter. In order to enhance their own defense capabilities, type 071 landing ship is equipped with an anti-aircraft speed PJ-26 76mm caliber naval gun, while in response to the threat of air, the ship is equipped with 4 sets of AK-630 30mm caliber near protection system.

in order to make the landing ship space can accommodate more number of helicopters and landing equipment, 071 ship body relative to the general ship should be more spacious, at the same time in order to enable these support may be subjected to heavy equipment and facing the landing at the fire, its structure and material are different from other warships, more strong firm.

071" landing ship twenty thousand tons are really not blown

the most important transport, according to reliable sources of type 071 landing ship fully loaded can be loaded with nearly fifty vehicles of various types of armored combat vehicles, including active type 96 or Type 99 main battle tanks, 63A type amphibious tanks, 90 wheeled armored vehicles. Also equipped with four ships for the main battle tank and armored vehicle design not crossing ability of the 726 type air cushion landing craft. At the same time, we can also carry 2-6 straight 8 and 9 helicopters in accordance with the mission, and if we need operational needs, we can also carry the "straight -10", an armed helicopter with the ability to attack the ground. The

071 landing ship has four already in service, although the amphibious warfare ability compared with other countries still has the very big disparity. The strength of the Chinese Marine Corps, along with these advanced landing craft, is slowly increasing, producing a sharp edged blade of the sea.

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Is it the carrier's fault? Twenty thousand tons, 071, no one cares

Is it the carrier's fault? Twenty thousand tons, 071, no one cares

Is it the carrier's fault? Twenty thousand tons, 071, no one cares


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