The families adhere to _ maternal eutocia excruciating pain jumped to his death

Maternal pain jumped to death

499· 2017-09-06 09:25:55


family _ stick to birth maternal severe pain jumped to his death, September 5th reported: today, a maternal abdominal pain unbearable to caesarean section was refused, finally jumped to his death in the news that many people sigh.


, according to media reports, the day of the incident, the woman asks hospital to be produced, the inspection found that the fetal head is too large, vaginal delivery dystocia risk is relatively large. Medical staff to explain the situation to the maternal and family members, and recommend cesarean section, the family insisted on spontaneous delivery, and in the "informed consent of maternity hospital" signed. After two hours, “ women because of pain two times out of the birthing center and home, said pain is not good, want to caesarean section, but the family has been reluctant to, insist on natural ”. Allegedly, the medical staff subsequently advised the family to caesarean section, but the family still insist on spontaneous delivery. Eventually, to be pregnant women from the 5 floor delivery center fall, rescue invalid died.

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The families adhere to _ maternal eutocia excruciating pain jumped to his death