Thief 19 seconds to steal mobile phone _ police work will encounter the girl arrested

Thief 19 seconds to steal mobile phone girl

499· 2017-09-06 09:25:56

thief 19 seconds to steal mobile phone girl _ police work will encounter the captured, the afternoon of August 30th, the 58 year old Jiangsu Shen fled to Wuhan north of Hankou light rail line 1 bus station, less than 19 seconds before the girl's body will steal apple mobile phone, the police will be locked by monitoring the. The afternoon of August 31st, Huangpi Shekou police criminal investigation police after work, in the north of Hankou light rail station, bus stop, just happened to opportunistic crime Shen, and arrested him on the spot.


in the evening, the Shekou immediately after receiving the alarm, the transfer of the site surrounding the video data, and soon, the police have locked the station in alarm behind a blue striped shirt man in the video, a man's face is very clear.

8 31 day work time, Huangpi Public Security Bureau police station video room Shekou scout small min is Hankou north bus station waiting, there is a familiar figure in the crowd suddenly, and appeared yesterday video data in the men's dress, and the man has been waiting in the shuttle in the crowd. Seeing this, immediately contact the small min is near plainclothes criminal investigation police Yu Jingguang, the man who is ready to start again when the theft was arrested.

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