Japan will accept the "single tax"? Or will lead to repeated marriage and divorce phenomenon

Japan will pay a single tax"

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Japan will receive &ldquo single tax; ”? Or will lead to marriage and divorce, repeated phenomenon for “ after marriage life level drops, can make single people to tax burden ” the problems caused by the Japanese public discussion.

日本将收“单身税”? 或将导致反复结婚和离婚现象发生

it is understood that single people in Japanese society are increasing year by year. Some of the more than 40 years also for single or divorced or widowed and single people, is not the traditional sense of “ single money ” instead they are older “ gold ”; there are some men and women cohabitation children also have income, not only because is a single marriage registration. Japan is said in this population has no additional taxes, which allow for affordable housing families have unfair burden, raising children, think these people actually belong to “ pseudo ” therefore, set up new taxes to tax singles.

日本将收“单身税”? 或将导致反复结婚和离婚现象发生

said the &ldquo &rdquo tax levy; single; approval of Tokyo, a 39 year old male white-collar workers in their payroll and household single on the Internet, said he and his colleagues but because colleagues have no income as like as two peas, get married and have children, the quality of life is much higher than their own. The father of &rdquo “ &ldquo ” white collar; cry; at the moment, few children in Japan and their own serious, married people are in fact for the country share “ ”, but why let them live so strapped countries? His comments will be &ldquo to the ” single tax; the discussion to intense.

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