Japan was traced involving 60 thousand people from South Korea large-scale evacuation _

Japan is reportedly planning a large-scale evacuation from South Korea

499· 2017-09-06 09:26:05

Japan was traced involving 60 thousand people from South Korea large-scale evacuation _, according to Japanese media, Japan is planning a large-scale evacuation operations may, to about 60 thousand Japanese citizens living in Korea home security. A Japanese government source said: if the United States decided to take military action against North Korea, Japan began to evacuate, whether or not the US plan is open. Reported that Tokyo is the four step in developing emergency plan: do not encourage Japanese unnecessary tourism activities; the Japanese to encourage South Korea; and urged the Japanese nationals living in the diaspora; urged Japan to seek shelter.


currently has about 38000 Japanese in Korea and about 19000 short-term visitors. The Nikkei Asian review quoted Japanese government sources said, “ if the United States decided to launch a military strike against North Korea, the United States plans regardless of whether to open, the Japanese government will have to decide the evacuation time. ”

according to the seriousness of the situation development, the Japanese government has developed contingency plans for the four level: not discourage regularly to South Korea travel to South Korea, to discourage all travel, urge to evacuate Japanese citizens in Korea, the last is to guide them to the local evacuation shelter.

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