The five-star hotel does not change the sheets really _ five-star hotel does not change the sheets on the test video

Five star hotel

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five-star hotel do not change sheets, really? Five-star hotel does not change sheets, test video, watch! Recently, the Internet opened a group of tests, they stayed in the five-star senior hotel, leaving a special mark, traces found in the blue light still exists, indicating that the hotel did not clean, it is horrible!



the evaluation of the video was public, users call the bombing, subversion through!

- all are most familiar with the five-star hotel, properly due to the gun!


stock market Diamond Sutra are often chosen in the wine shop, gun! Andy:

static UL is not cheap the prices are not even the five-star, shukoubei cleaning, your conscience won't hurt

before the eagle Funaki: sea fishing, this is Hilton. The service industry is the high-end brands, so unbearable nonsense:


Gu or live good so fast... Low price, same five-star service...

Yang Zhongxiang 86:

at one thousand or two thousand dollars, are used, is more than profits ah


never shukoubei, bathtub, toilet seat with alcohol wipe, but I can't carry the sheet pillowcase to travel! Want to swear

ten thousand turn Overtaking:

overturn three. Five star hotel gorgeous appearance, full of shelter evil people and countenance evil practices like existence.

- the netizen does not change more than direct Tucao sheets and nausea!

-TST Qian live yeast:

once I used a kettle to boil water in the hotel to drink, my friend told me not to use, said some special love clean girl with kettle heating underwear

1 floor silent wind:

to tell the truth. In the eyes of Cleaning worker, hotel is clean enough, disinfection is not in her life so she felt normal, scrub, no visible stains have reached her personal hygiene standards.

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