Next year, the best of game writing will be added to the Galaxy Science Awards

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-09-06 11:35:51

, in science fiction, has two awards recognized as one of the highest honors in the field, one of which is the Nebula Award.

recently, the nebula award organizers American science fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, referred to as SFWA) President confirmed to the media, in 2018 the nebula award will create "the best game writing Award (Best Game Writing), all available in the 2017 game can compete for this award.

SFWA Rambo

Cat chairman Cat Rambo said that if a game to get Nebula award recognition, which means that the story of the game is very important, it should be a wonderful experience to be able to communicate only the text and the performance of the offer.

such a traditional literature award for the nebula award, will be incorporated into the story of the game which is not a small challenge to it. SFWA in the past more than 30 years have been discussed, and now Rambo hopes the nebula award makes the game player to correctly understand the value of works of literature, to establish their own prestige and help gaming authors.

what would you say is a sci-fi game in the 2017 games that are on offer and will be sold?

source: geekwire

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