Xi Jinping first network hero list talent is to make up the short board of the gold key

Golden key Xi Jinping short board net letter network writer

zhongguoqingnianwang· 2016-05-11 08:14:39

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< p > 4 August 19, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President, chairman of the Central Military Commission, centralized network and information security leading group leader Xi Jinping in Beijing chaired a network and information security work of the forum and delivered an important speech. Xinhua News Agency reporters, accounting for a < p < p > < strong > China Youth Network in Beijing, May 10 (Xinhua) < / strong > (trainee reporter Yue Wei) in the 6th meeting of the study and implement the "opinions on deepening the reform of institutions and mechanisms of human resources development" forum on, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping made important instructions stressed that things run in China, lies in the party, the key in the people, the talent is the key to.

for the selection of personnel, in particular, the appointment of a letter to the work of the network, has been learning the general secretary of care. In the April 19 meeting of the network and information security work of the forum, he proposed that "the key core technology project Zhang Chubang, hero, regardless of the source, and who has the ability to whoever Jiebang." According to the learning greatly + studio combing, this is Xi Jinping for how to use the talent strong network to support network innovation, the first time to the network letter of the industry issued a network hero list".

network space competition, in the final analysis is the talent competition. Learning Secretary repeatedly stressed in his speech to establish a strong sense of talent, so that people can do their best, it is because the key to innovation driven lies in talent driven, all areas of network ecology is no exception. < p > early in 2014 October 15, held a forum on literature and art, he to Zhou Xiaoping, flower qianfang two network writer put forward, nowadays, the Internet technology and new media is changing literary forms, spawned a number of new literary types, also on literature and art in carrying forward the core value concept of the proposed new requirements. Cultivating and carrying forward the socialist core values, can not be separated from the innovation and development of literature and art. General Secretary Xi also wrote two network writer, "I hope you will create more positive energy works". < p > in addition, the central United Front Work Conference held in Beijing on May 18, 2015, Xi, general secretary of the speech will be "new media in the representative person of the group, with the" students "and" non-public ownership economy especially the younger generation "tied for the unity of the United Front work is an important object. And how to unite, general secretary of the learning requirements, "to strengthen and improve the work of the representative individuals in the new media, set up a regular contact channels, strengthen the online interaction, the line of communication, let them show positive energy in purify network space, carry forward the main melody". < p > and on April 19, the network forum, Xi again talent strong network strategy of Party committees and governments at all levels made five "to" instructions: < p < p > - from the bottom of my heart, respect knowledge, respect for talent, talent play to the wisdom to create a good condition.

- to talented people to emancipate the mind, not sticking to formalities, eye for talent, cherish and love. < p > - to treat the special talent to have special policy, does not require a full blame, not seniority, don't use a ruler to measure.

- to establish a flexible talent incentive mechanism, so that the contribution of the people have a sense of accomplishment, get a sense of. < p > -- to build a globally competitive talent system, no matter which country or region, as long as it is outstanding talent, can I use. The cause of

innovation calls for innovative talents. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the more the better, the better the ability. Knowledge is power, talent is the future. < p > currently, the Internet has been integrated into the social life aspects, also accelerates depth of integration of various industries, gave birth to countless new technology, new products, new models, create thousands of employment positions, to China's economic and social development provides a wider strategic space. With "bat" as the main representative of the Internet giant gradually become the new embodiment of national power, with the tide, Huawei as the representative of the national brand is out of the country, in the global competition through the clutter...

proud of the significant achievements in the cause of the development of China's Internet industry, but also to face the existence of the short board and problems. The talent strong network strategy is to make up the short board, to solve the problem of the golden key".

now heroes has been issued, for people who show their skills.

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