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hard to toss in a summer, and finally the child to school. The thought of a long sigh of relief, but the problem is followed by - into the garden anxiety. Faced with crying, reluctant to start school children, parents can do what?

I know your child, hate preaching, but immediately to the school, or want to long winded a few words, not necessarily great teaching. But if you listen, it's absolutely valid.


, about knowledge and education. Now many people say, "reading is useless."". Yes, I haven't read any books, but someone with a lot of money, but how many can you count with your fingers? A single case does not explain what the problem is, and a universal phenomenon is persuasive.

education can not determine a person's life, diploma can not fully prove a person's ability, but some opportunities, more often, only for the people who have this piece of paper. Don't say anything, you can use time to prove that your ability is not any worse than those famous college students. What's the basis of others?

2 about hardship,

learning, bitter not bitter? Many of my students said: "teacher, we spend two of our ears do not hear out of the window, so hard, his voice hoarse back, hands are written disabled, but also bear the pressure, can not bitter? "

, is this called hardship?" What is suffering?

to those poor children to the west, they do not wear warm enough to eat, learning resources, severe winter without heating also leakage of learning style in the classroom, hands are frozen swollen, do not give up.

look at the podium a few decades to teachers, farmers, construction workers bear the hot sun perspiration comes down like raindrops in the cold wind, selling fruit and vegetable vendors, are you tired, homely fare hunched over my mom and dad.

now you look back and think about yourself. It's cold, hot, hot and air conditioned. Can you call it hard work? Clothing to hand, eat a ready-cooked meal, it can also be called hardship? In the spacious, bright and clean classroom study, this can be called hardship? Take a serious look at books, learn to work hard?

if this is your hard line, that your life will only look and envy others envy.

3 about time,

time is the most fair, everyone's time is 24 hours.

some children take these 24 hours to study, to exercise, to rest, to acquire knowledge, to gain knowledge, and to lay a solid foundation for their future life. Some kids hang QQ all day, brush micro-blog, stroll around Taobao, play online games, and do what I can do at the age of 80. By the time they were 80, they were still forced to make a living and make a living.

often listen to students say, life is long, the college entrance examination is still very far away, wasted one day, two days does not matter, later will definitely be able to make up. Time is not to be returned, waste is wasted, and will never be able to chase back! When you fight in the game, when the Fugue in a daydream, others had dumped you one hundred and eight thousand miles away.

do not always feel that he is still young, young, do everything still feel early. Waste today, never mind, and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be tomorrow, and tomorrow will be many If you spend your whole life pinning your hopes on tomorrow, you will miss many opportunities and end up doing nothing.

4 on the mobile phone,

mobile phone, is for adults to call and chat communication tools, and occasionally use it to relax entertainment, relieve pressure. Your world is my father, mother, teacher, classmate, you meet each other every day to say hello, basically do not need mobile phones to maintain feelings. Moreover, parenting time and students years, far more than those brightly coloured mobile phone screen much better.

you say you want to use mobile phone to entertainment, you have not grown up, your great love and not prematurely wasted pastime. If you choose leisure when you are most capable of learning, choose leisure when you can most bear hardship, and wait for you must be a dismal middle age, or even old age. Does

want leisure? Sure。 Go to the playground to play, go to the seaside to prairie cockle dredging, and the wind blows, the sky to the countryside...... These can be, is not only physical health, but also self-cultivation, than the mobile phone in the illusory world of lustrous and dazzling more meaningful.

5 about competition in the

world, the most terrible thing is not that your competitors are smarter than you, but that they are smarter than you, and harder than you!

one of my students was admitted to Tsinghua University. It is very rare here. But after the University report found that he was in the bottom of the class. The best students in the class scores, early every day, ow back in english.

when you want to give up, think of those who slept later than you, get up earlier than you, run faster than you hard, talent is higher than your expert, they had in the morning to the distance you will only see.


about the mentality of life is like a roller coaster, ups and downs are common. Not every test you can take the lead, not everyone can be admitted to a good university, but also not every effort will be marked on the brilliant.

but if you're doing all you have to do and the flow of sweat is over, don't dwell on a test paper and a grade. But doing good is not asking the future

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